Back in the Dark Ages

Over Spring Break last week, I forgot my cell phone at a friend's dorm, which was in another city, about 2 hours away from where I'm from. So I was without a cell phone pretty much all of spring break, and I still don't have it. Thats 11 days without connection with friends and family, outside of the internet.
I don't know how people lived without cell phones. You don't really realize how much you are dependent on something until it's not there. I have all of these contacts stored in my phone that I couldn't get in touch with -people who I wanted to get together with over break, my ride back to Tulsa, rides in Tulsa, people who contact me regularly about my positions in Tulsa, etc. In one way it was hard to go without it, but in another way it was so freeing!
I feel like this is how it is with a lot of things in our lives. We are attached to something, and it is something good. But maybe God is telling you to go without it. Maybe he isn't just telling you, He puts you in a situation where you have to live without it. I'm not saying we should all give up our cell phones, but I am saying to check your heart. Are there things in your life you are holding on to that God wants you to give up? Take a chance, and enjoy the freedom it brings!


Well, Spring Break 2012 is coming to a close. I get up bright and early tomorrow and have to leave at 7:45 am for a 10 hour car ride back to Tulsa. It's been so nice and relaxing, and I'm not so sure I'm ready to go back to school yet. Anywho, those are the thoughts popping into my head tonight.

On a happier note, I'm creating wish lists for graduation!  I'm going to websites and finding things I want for my future classroom that people who want to celebrate my graduation from college can get me! It's fun, but overwhelming!! And that's where you come in. I'm looking for expertise in this area, especially expert teachers who can tell me what I will need for my classroom! By the way, I'm hoping to teach somewhere between 3-5 grade. So if you are reading this, and you can help me out, here are my questions:
  • What do I absolutely positively NEED for my classroom?
  • What books do you recommend for starting a classroom library?
  • How do you stay organized?
  • What are things you wish you had your first years of teaching?
Love, Allie

Panama on the mind

I cannot believe my missions trip to Panama is only about 50 days away! I'm getting so excited for the journey. What does not excite me is the fundraising. 18 days. $1500. It doesn't make sense to me, but it does to God. I'm excited to see what he will do in and through me in these next couple weeks leading up to this deadline. I feel like this season's is "Trust," so it may be a roller coaster of a 3 week time span! I thought I'd share some photos I found of where this money will take me.
I'm excited for all of the bright colors and villages!

Some natives of Panama in their  village- I can't WAIT!

Panama City, where the YWAM base we'll be working with is located
Look at these gorgeous people and their fun garb!
The jungles of Panama- where we will be doing some of our ministry

I hope  you're getting excited with me! Please consider supporting me on my adventure and mission in Panama! Any monetary amount will help!

Cafe Delicioso!

I found this AMAZING find on Pinterest that I tried out this morning in my Venezuela cup of coffee. If you put an open can of coconut milk in your refrigerator before you go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, you will see that the milk will have separated. If you scoop off the cream on the top, leaving the coconut water in the bottom, you can whip that cream, add some sweetener, and have the perfect coffee creamer!
For an extra touch, put your coconut water into your fruit smoothie! Drink up!