End of the Week Reflections and TBC

School is FINALLY out!! And here is a last-day picture with my third graders!

It's been a fun week, though these kiddos were CRAZY. I did some TPT and Pinterest searching for activities perfect for the end of the year!
On Tuesday, we did a reflection activity by

Middle Grades Maven
called What's The Scoop? The best part of this end of the year activity is that it is FREE!! I sized down the scoops in the PDF file, and had students fill them out, color them, paste them onto a piece of construction paper. Some of the questions that the different scoops had on them included: What I learned in math is..., My favorite memory of this year is..., and some favorites. Super fun activity that will keep your kids busy during a last day of school! Here's a picture of a couple of my girls with their completed ice cream scoops!

Another activity that we did was based off of an activity Kelley at 
Sour Apple Studio
made up as a free (one of my favorite words) TPT download called Student Scavenger Hunt. She gave 12 great scavenger hunt ideas for around the school, as well as 12 blank templates. I used a couple of her ideas and some of my own for a great scavenger hunt in the classroom on Wednesday! Here are my 12 tasks:
{Solve the division problems and use the key to find the secret message.}
These girls are hard at work at task one!
I made a Smartboard screen for this math task. They had to solve all of the division problems using a multiplication table (something we had been learning), and then use the answers to find the secret message. You can download the screen at Smart Exchange.
{Write a POSITIVE word for each of your classmates.}
In this task, the students write a word describing each of their classmates on the card with that classmate's card. I put all of these cards up on the wall and they just write one word for each of their friends. This is a picture of what I set up.
{Write an adjective that describes your teacher.}
This is a task I took from Kelley's original idea.
{Read a favorite book.}
I had this task by the classroom library and my students read a favorite book from this year. Easy peasy!
{Write some advice to the next 3rd graders.}
I made a poster for the students to write some advice for next year's third grade. 
{Play charades with the vocabulary words.}
This task was something we already had in the room that will let students interact with each other in a fun way. Remember, smarter not harder! (It's the last week of school, ya know.)
{Write a synonym and antonym for ending.}
This is something that is easy and that can be interchanged with anything you have in the classroom. We had synonym/antonym posters, so this was a great choice!
{Find a new friend that you made this year to initial.}
Another fun idea from Kelley!
{Tell a joke to a friend. Have them initial.}
Super fun for them to have a laugh during one of their last days together.
{Find a classmate to sign who makes you laugh.}
{Fill in the blank. I learned to ____________ this year.}
This is another one I took from Kelley, because it helps the students reflect on the year.
{Give your teacher a high five or hug!}

So that was another fun part of the week! If you are still in school, I definitely advise you to check out Kelley's resource!

One more SUPER fun way to end the year (and take up time) is to do the End of the Year Drama Circle by Jen at

The kids LOVE it! It is a cross between Reader's Theater and I have Who has. Each student gets 2-3 cards  and all of them together describe a last day at school!! It's so much fun and my students loved it once they got into it. It's definitely worth your time!

One of the other EXCITING things to announce is that I'm participating in 
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  1. Hi, Allie! It looks like you did a lot of fun activities to wrap up the school year with your thirdsters. Thanks for featuring my "What's the Scoop?" FREEBIE. It was so cool for me to see the activity being used in your classroom! Thanks for posting the pics! :)

  2. I can't find your e-mail could you please e-mail me regarding guest posting??! cjanes@bgshools.k12.mo.us thanks:)

  3. I did that scavenger hunt activity too! It was super fun.


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