Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is only 4 days away! Have you gotten gifts for the special  fathers in your life? I know I haven't! This morning I thought about it, and knew I had to think of something for my dad! I'm not married, nor have any children, so my only father, besides my grandfathers, is my dad!

This year I wanted something special to give to him. Not another tie he might wear once a year, or another picture frame, but something he would remember. Then, I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest! So I have decided to make a flip book made from a deck of playing cards that says, "52 Reasons Why We Love You" (for me and my brothers to give to him). I was pinspired by Lowri at PaperVine:

Now, I have yet to finish this project, let alone think of 52 reasons why I love my dad, but I did finish a template for the reasons. I'm going to print my reasons out and mod podge them to my playing cards, instead of worrying about formatting them correctly for sticker labels. I made my templates as a freebie for you (see below)! Now you just need to buy a deck of cards and the metal rings to make your book! Here are simple steps for you to make a father in your life a book like the picture above:
1. Collect the materials needed: deck of cards, binder rings, printer paper or labels, Mod Podge or glue (if using paper to print)
2. Use a program such as Photoshop or Pixlr to type in your reasons to my free template
3. Print your reasons on the labels or printer paper.
4. Attach reasons to cards
5. Hole punch two holes in each card.
6. Attach the cards with the binder rings

This project would be great for anyone, and anyone can do it! If you have kids, have them help you, and they can even sign their names, or write their reasons in. I used the font Oh {Photo} Shoot! (click for free download).

I hope this helps you find a great gift for a father in your life! I will show my finished product for Make It Monday #3!



  1. I've seen this on pinterest many times and love it!!! I'm looking forward to see pictures of your final product :)

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  2. Cute idea! I've got to starting working on a gift for my dad!

    Adventures in Room 5


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