Disarrayed Plans, Sales, and Giveaway!!

Hey all! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! We finally got RAIN today...not a lot, but it helped cool everything down! I kinda forgot what that was like!
I know bunches of you are headed back to school next week, and lots have already started school, and I'm sorta jealous! Definitely NOT about waking up early, and the other teacher "perks", but I can't wait to have my own classroom, with my own class! Hopefully I'll be able to partake of this glorious time with you all next year :).
Anyway, I know I said I would post yesterday and get the ball rollin' again with my linky party, The Healthy Truth. But we had some not-so-great news, and I couldn't get my mind off it :(. So, if you think of it, my family would LOVE your prayers and thoughts! 
On a happier note, ff ya know me by now, I think you know I LOVE a sale! Like, it's a favorite hobby- searching for those grand deals! Welp, today, I took advantage of a fantastical sale! I purchased:

I LOVE me some Scrappin Doodles. Not only did I catch the watch bands on sale for $2 (keep an eye out for some cute products with these SOON!), but I got 15% off of my entire order! The grand peeps over there are giving everyone 15% off this month, using the code AUGUST2012. I got all three of these packs for under $10! What a steal! Especially if you are a seller on TPT or TN, or if you just like making pretty things for your classroom, hop onto this awesome sale! And hurry! You only have 12 more days!

I hope you've been enjoying my mini-giveaways throughout the week! I have the winner of my Dipstix giveaway!
I'll be emailing you shortly Danielle!!
Today's giveaway is all about reviews! I currently have five free products in my TPT store:

[click on the pictures to take you to the products in my store]

I love getting feedback about my products! Not only does it increase my reputability, but it also helps me know what you, the customer, likes and wants. So, here's the deal. For every free (and/or purchased) product of mine you download, review, and give feedback on TPT, you will earn 5 points in my giveaway. All you have to do is include your name, email address, tpt username, and a link to your feedback in a comment on this post. Please, for my sanity, post one comment per feedback entry. 

I'm sure you're asking, what's in it for me? Well, not only do you get up to 5 freebies for your classroom, you could win one of the seven paid products in my store! I will use a number generator to choose 7 winners! Each winner will get one of my paid products:

Who knows? By the time this is over I might even have more products to give away! Alrighty, to wrap this up:
border by 3am Teacher
 - TeachersPayTeachers.com
Thanks for taking time to review my products! I really appreciate you all! Remember to enter in my mega-giveaway HERE!!!
I promise to have an informative post tomorrow!!

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  1. Yay, I won the dipsticks!! I <3 Sweets. Your family will be in my prayers too ;)

    Danielle Mix


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