Myth Busters- The Healthy Truth Style, and FFF, and lets throw in a GIVEAWAY!

Hi there best blog buddies! How was your week? It's time for another
This week I'm busting some weight loss MYTHS, and giving some tips that will actually work!!

myth 1:
i need to weigh myself before i eat anything to get an accurate weight.
Guess what? I really hope you're not eating 5 pounds of food every day. And even so, it really does not matter when you weigh yourself, it won't make that much of a difference. The important thing is to get on the scale and see where you're at! That's when you can truly assess your current state, and what you want and need to change! THE SCALE IS YOUR FRIEND. (I've learned that the hard way)

myth 2:
i should only weigh myself once a week so i can see true results.
it really doesn't matter how often you weigh yourself. the scale only reflects what you have or haven't been doing. i weigh myself every time i go to the gym, which is almost every day. there are times where i may have gained a pound, or not lost anything, but then there are those days when you get to REJOICE for losing one pound or more! also, weighing yourself daily shows you how your body works. for example, my body loses the weight every other day. so i might be the same weight for two days, and then lose 2 pounds overnight. i would never know that without getting on the scale every day!
myth 3:
foods with "free" are guilt-free.
When you see something that says sugar free, you may see a lesser calorie value on the package than something with sugar. but really, the stuff in sugar free products or "diet" sodas is all fake. even though there may not be sugar, the fake sugars like splenda and aspertame are much worse than sugar! that's why, though it's tasty, diet coke can really make you gain more weight- because of the sodium and fake for thought!!

myth 4:
i should skip a meal today. less calories in means less to burn, right?
the truth is, your body needs those calories! you should be eating ever couple of hours, so your metabolism keeps burning the calories. when you don't eat, your metabolism slows down, and the calories aren't being burned, and you're left hungry and grouchy!

i hope this helped you get motivated to keep pressing toward your goals! I'm now down 27 pounds and counting! I'd love to hear your story, and if you would like an accountability partner, I'd be honored! Email me at!!
Okey Dokey! Now onto:
Wonderful Elizabeth has kept this super fun linky going- and now it's monthly! So you don't have to be pressured to find those fab finds every week! Also, for this month, she's having a Signs on the Cheap giveaway that ends TODAY! Click her fabulous button to head over, link up, and enter the giveaway!!
My first fabulous find is:
I know tons of you already know about this amazing classroom management website/iPhone app/system, but if you don't, PLEASE go check it out! My friend Rachel aka The Tattooed Teacher has an awesome tutorial, so go check it out by clicking this link:
The Tattooed Teacher
all i know is when i finally get a class of my own, class dojo will be my bff!
FFF 2:
I'm loving the new Pinterest iPhone app update! PUH-LEASE tell me you updated it! It is now SO-O-O much better- and it looks like the web version! It is two pins wide now, and a lot easier to navigate! if you haven't updated it, do it now!!!!!
FFF 3:
my final find this month is something from the 97 cent section at Walmart. Don't get me wrong, target is my go-to store. but when the necessary time comes, i do like to browse around walmart. they now have a 97 cent area by the celebrations area in walmart, and you can find some cute things! my favorite find, by far, is these:
I pretty much flipped out when i saw these. i'm not a huge mustache fan, but i do know lots of bloggy friends who do! like...
A Modern Teacher
Anyways, I did purchase these four packs of cute mustaches, and want to give them away to you, my loyal followers! I hope you will love them! You only have a few days to enter!
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