The Healthy Truth: Change, Foodie, and SALE!

Happy Friday loves! TGIF! Before I head into my post, I have an announcement to make!
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Alrighty, now it's time for
How are you doing so far? Blowing up goals? Working your butt off, literally? Feeling good? I hope so! I'd love to hear about your success! I've had a little slump this week, but am down 29 pounds! My topic came from what I've been going through this week:
Change is GOOD!
I know, I know, it's cliche. But we don't like change, do we. It's the same with losing weight and getting healthy. When you first start the journey, the change shocks your body. You lose a lot of weight quickly because of water weight and because of the drastic change. But after a while, your body gets used to it, and you start to plateau. This is also called muscle memory. If you do the same workout every day, at the same time, for the same amount of time, your muscles get used to it, and though your body will still burn calories, it won't be pushed as hard. That's why it's really important to change it up every so often. If you usually walk/run, ride the bike. If you do the elliptical, change it to the stairmaster for a bit. Go further/longer/faster. Do something to where your muscles are working harder. This will reignite that weight loss, because your muscles are being worked a different way. It definitely helped me out! 
Here's some more inspiration to get you motivated:
If you post about your healthy living this week, I'd love to hear about it! link up below!
Last thing! This next week (Sunday, Sept. 23- Friday, Sept. 28) is officially FOODIE WEEK on my blog! I have the opportunity to cook dinner for my family all week, because my mom won't be here. So, why not blog about it and share the foodie goodness! I'm super excited, and heading to the grocery store tomorrow to get everything I don't already have in the pantry. Check back each evening to see my creations, and the recipes for you to use!
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