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Today I want to share with you a featured item from my Etsy shop that got me into the business in the first place! Keep on reading for some readership goodies at the end!!
For most holidays growing up my family would do a lot of baking and cooking. I have always loved to do both of those things, and if I wasn't going into education, I would probably be a chef. 
One of the things that we would make would be chocolate-covered pretzels {a classic!} with a twist, we did pretzel rods!
A few summers ago I was bored, and looking for a way to make some money. So I brainstormed for a while, and finally came up with a business for myself.... DIPSTIX.
I would make the "dipstix" {get the play on words?!} in all sorts of flavors and themes, and sell them to friends and family.
christmas dipstix
My business hadn't really taken off, and I kind of lost interest. But then, a couple of years ago when I was raising money for my missions trip to Africa, I decided to rally the troops. I came home on spring break, sent out a mass email to friends and family, and hoped for the best! And boy did the best happen! I made over $800 in that one week, selling my Dipstix!! That's when I really knew I had something.
There have been ups and downs, and my business is still in the very beginning stages, but I'm hoping to get it relaunched this Christmas season! That's where you come into play. I have done some updating to my Etsy shop, including adding my Holiday Dipstix for purchase. They make great gifts for the hard-to-buy-for people, are perfect for get-togethers and parties, and are very tasty! They are also individually packaged for quality and individuality! 
I would love for you to purchase some for your merry and bright Christmas!
Holiday Dipstix
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