Winners and Christmas!

Hey guys! Sorry for the complete and utter shutdown of my communication since last saturday, including my last "Countdown to Christmas" posts. I woke up Saturday with a nasty virus, causing me to have flu-like symptoms for 2 days. Not fun at all! And then it was CHRISTMAS! YAY! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families! Mine was nice and relaxing :) some of my favorite gifts were:
A new iPhone case
A Peter Pan collar necklace
3 gorgeous scarves
2 coats-  purple peacoat and classic trench
A package to Ashley Lynns tanning
So today's post isn't going to be super fab, but I do need to announce winners for all of my giveaways last week!
Vera won Day 8's Starbucks Card!
Sarah Carper won Day 7's techie grab bag!
Rachel and Teacher Kirra both got my favorite of my TPT products right- the Jet-Lagged words packet for day 6! So they both get to pick out a product of mine for free!
Sara won Day 5's gift card! She gets $10 to spend at Taget!
If you're a winner, an email is coming your way today or tomorrow!
Okay, now go check out my guest post on Sarah's blog! Here's a sneak peak:
(click the picture to go there)
The up-cycled project is PERFECT to do with kids!
I promise I'll be back for a real post soon!
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