Mad March Beginnings

Hi lovelies! I am feeling very pulled right now in the blogging area. In one way, I want to make time to write certain posts I have planned, and in others, I want to share fun March updates! So this is a really brief (i hope) post that I just really wanted to share!
Number 1: Currently!
I love Farley's monthly currently link-ups, and I'm always LATE to the party, but they are so much fun! Here's mine for march!
(Oh, and by the way, I totally noticed that you used your created fonts in this one, Farley!!)

Have you guys heard about THE BIBLE series that premiered tonight on the History channel?! It's going through the whole Bible, and tonight was the 2 hour premier! It was really cool to watch!
I am LOVING the Beth Moore Bible study I'm in at my church- it is on the book of Esther, and I'm learning so much!
I've worked every day for a while, so a day off from BBW is much needed! Planning on a morning workout, then tutoring in the afternoon, and small group at night!
I am so ready for spring to come to Nebraska. I'm so tired of the snow, and now that it's staying lighter longer, I'm getting so ready for spring and new life!
There are not enough hours in the day. I am always striving for more consistency in every area of my life, spiritually, physically, blogging, etc.
I like avocados, LOVE authenticity and people who are REAL, and can't stand when someone has a bad attitude. Farley said we had to come up with the three words, and they had to start with the first letter of your name! A was HARD!

Number 2: Blogger Link Up
Diane over at Fifth in the Middle created this super cool resource where you link up your blog based on where you live! That way you can meet and connect with other bloggers around you! Click on her name so you can go add your blog to the linky!
Number 3: Sunday Social
Sunday Social
This is a linky I randomly link up to, and I liked the questions this week, so I'm gonna!
1. Name 5 songs you'll listen to the rest of your life
*In Christ Alone
*You Won't Relent by Misty Edwards
*Rolling in the Deep by Adele
*How He Loves Us
*Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
2. 5 things on your bucket list
*Travel the world
*Teach in South America
*Adopt children
*Go to Paris
*Get married
3 5 celebs you'd like to hang out with for a day
*Kari Jobe
*Lisa Bevere
*Beth Moore
*(can I put 2 votes in for my first two? :))
4. 5 things you always carry in your purse
*lip gloss
5. 5 books on your reading list
*Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere
*When Invisible Children Sing
*Half the Sky
*Lord of the Rings series (I know, I'm behind on the times)
*Undaunted by Christine Caine
6. Last 5 photos on your phone
the birthday sign I made my brother
dinner I made the other night
fabulous mail day from the other day!
day 1 of my march photo-a-day challenge
womens retreat!
Number 4: Sign-Up
You can still sign up to help out with my giveaway happening soon! I would LOVE to have you!
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  1. Hi! I found your blog from the Currently linky. Glad I did! You Won't Relent is a great song... I actually lead that song in church! I hadn't heard about The Bible show but it sounds interesting!


  2. I found you through the Currently linky. I am also listening to the Bible miniseries! My husband is sitting with my daughters explaining parts of it to them. My youngest said, "That's Moses, that is not how I pictured him!" How great is that!

  3. I was watching the Bible series as well! Love it so far. Glad to find you through the Currently.

    Clearly Kindergarten

  4. love that birthday sign you made for your brother! i think if i attempted to make that thing I would eat everything first!


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