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"Hi, I'm Allie, and I'm a office supply-aholic" Hi Allie.
I. AM. SERIOUS. My favorite things are post-its, pens, and cute journals. And everything else. My favorite time of year is going to Target and getting new school supplies. One of my favorite smells is the fresh opening of the 64 count crayola crayon box (with the sharpener). Believe me yet?!
Anywho, Target is one of my favorite places to shop. And the Dollar Spot gets me EVERY TIME. I decided to go "browse" a couple days after Easter, and I couldn't believe my eyes! Some of the goodies in the dollar spot were 50% OFF. Uhm, the only thing better than getting something for a dollar is getting it for 50 cents! That's when inspiration struck! My target always seems to have these cute little buckets, and I know I don't NEED them, but they are so darn cute! So, I restrained myself and got ONE.
When I got home, I realized this would be the perfect size for my horde of pens to go in, especially since their all over the place right now! But, I had to glam up this simple, galvanized bucket.
First things first, the green checked ribbon HAD to go!
 Next, I had an epiphany! I have just discovered my LOVE for washi tape! So that's what I decided to cover the outside in. But, I also saw my acrylic chalkboard paint looking at me. Why not add a cute chalkboard label?! So I knew my next step had to be to sand the bucket down, to make the paint and tape stick easier.
Once the bucket is sanded, I gave an area on it about 3 coats of my awesome acrylic chalkboard paint. It really doesn't matter if you make it into a perfect box or not, since the tape will cover up the edges. The great part about the paint is that, because it's acrylic, it's smoother. it's great because it doesn't have the gross feel of a chalkboard, yet still keeps the chalk on there! Here's how the paint turned out:
Next comes my favorite part! You get to use your creativity to decorate the bucket! Like I said before I LOVE washi tape! I got some from Pick Your Plum, Walmart, and some pretty cool duct tape from Target, and went to town! Here's how it turned out:

 And the finished product! I used a Chalk Pen to write on the chalkboard paint.

So, what do you think? I LOVE it! the only thing I forgot to do was seal it with Mod Podge. That way it'll last! This can work for any office or school supplies, great for a bedside table stash, etc.

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  1. Hey Allie! I just found your blog through this linky party and am your latest follower. I love it- a friend of mine from school calls herself the Surf Gypsy because her mission is to surf the world- I love your idea of being a gypsy teacher!

    x Serena x
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