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I promise, I won't mind! I love saving money, and I'm sorry, I tired of blowing five bucks on a cup of coffee. Tot tell you the truth, I'm sitting at one of my favorite spots right now, with a hot cup of tea watching the rain  drizzle it's way to the thirsty ground. Today I will be sharing a few ways to save some of your hard-earned cash at the coffee shop!
Free Refills are the Best!
One of the things I can't stand is planning a work day at my favorite coffee shop, and having to pay for three cups of coffee or tea! That's why I tend to stick to those places where I can get free refills. The top two places I have found are
Panera Bread
Panera is great because you can get a warm or cold cup and use it as many times as you please! They have tea and coffee, soda, iced tea, and in the summer they have iced coffee as well!

Everybody LOVES Starbucks, but one of my favorite things is that you can reload a gift card, and once you buy 5 times using that gift card you earn their "green card", which means you can get free refills on regular coffee, iced coffee, and tea in the store! I keep track of all that goodness, and pay, with their iPhone app.
BYOS- Bring Your Own Snacks
I put this prompt out to my twitter followers, and one point @bloghandsseo brought up was to bring your own snacks! This will save you tons of money, and help keep you on the healthy track. Those yummy baked goods sure look appetizing in the bakery window, but they are definitely not work $3+ or those extra empty calories!
Stick to the Basics
If you are wanting to save money, stick to the basic coffee or tea. DEFINITELY have those times where you treat yourself, but don't make a $5 drink your norm! Keep those for a special occasion :).
Bring your own
If you are on a REALLY tight budget, bring your own tea bag or hot cocoa packet and just ask for some hot water. Or, something I love to do, is get a nonfat steamed milk. Then, I add my tea bag and sugar in the raw! Without the sugar, that drink will be 130 calories and just a couple bucks!
Use their card
Another great way to save some money is to use that coffee shop's card. For panera, they have a MyPanera card where you can earn rewards when you purchase. You can also get a gift card for easy payment, tracking, and renewing. For Starbucks, your gift card also becomes your reward card, until you get to the gold level, when they send you a special gold card! you earn stars for the drinks you purchase- 5 gets you to green level and 30 get you to gold! It's also easy to reload, and with a smartphone, you don't even need the card! They can scan it off your phone! I get a gift card for my other coffee shops as well. Sometimes they have deals like buy $25 gift card, get $5 more free! The great thing about doing this, also, is that it helps your budget. If you have a "fun" category, or separate "coffee" money, you can easily allocate that amount.
Well, that's all I got! I hope this helped you [[and your wallet]]!! What do you do to save money at coffee shops? Elsewhere?
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  1. I often visit my favorite cafe where I can hang out with my buddies and we drink lots of beverages there. As we are regular customer the cafe owner give us discount.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak


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