Saturday Smorgasbord

Hello friends! It's Saturday! I'm sitting under my cozy covers this morning writing this before I have to drag myself off to work. Today I will be reflecting on my week in real life and blogging!
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We've been getting a lot of rain this week- which is so great to me! Spring is ... springing!
I took my second teaching certification test on Monday, and feel good about it.
Getting back into the groove of the gym this week felt amazing!
I got my nails shellacked yesterday! I have a nice muted pink on my nails and they look so pretty!
I am LOVING tutoring my little second grade friend! She is so smart and fun- so glad that God put her in my life at this time!
Found out about my tax return! I'm getting a couple hundred buckaroos back! WOOP!

still getting over an annoying cold...but it's almost out of my system!
I am SORE from the gym- its a good and bad thing!
I've had to close at work a lot more lately- not my favorite thing to do : (

Now for my week of  blogging, in case you missed anything! It's my first week of
Sunday I shared some of my FAVORITE pins for Sunday Social!

Tuesday I talked up my Hair Heroes in the world of blogging, and showed some fun tutorials for you to try!

Wednesday I told you about the amazing Shabby Apple and their ethereal and beautiful new spring line!

And last but not least, here are my instagrammed photos from the week!!
Monday I captured some spring signs- green grass and Magnolia tree buds!
Tuesday's Coast to Coast Challenge was Boho Braids, so I did a fun double braid!
Wednesday was National Sibling Day so I shared a throwback of me and my brothers!
1960s mod for Thursday's Coast to Coast Challenge
Have a fabulous weekend!!
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