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Hey bloggy buds! Happy tuesday to all! Sorry I was MIA sunday and yesterday! Monday was exciting, because I finally got my braces off! I've had them for four and a half years, and during that time have gone through wisdom teeth removal, tongue reduction surgery, and jaw surgery, along with rubber bands, water picking, etc. So it feels amazing to have them off and be free! I will share a picture of my pearly whites, but we have some whitening to do first! LOL.
Anyways, exciting stuff going on! My April giveaway ended Sunday night and the grand prize winner is Heidi! Congratulations! You have an email from me waiting for you! And, as a THANK YOU for all the wonderful friends who entered, everyone who entered the giveaway also has an email from me telling you how you can get some free ad space on my blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Speaking of giveaways, I won one this past weekend from By the Porchlight! How awesome is that?! BTW you MUST go check out her fantastic post from Sunday on Introverts! It makes tons of sense to me, since i am one! I'm going to be posting more about it later in the week.
Well, I don't have much more for you today. The weather is still FREEZING here in good ole NE. I am wishing, waiting, and hoping for the 60s and 70s that they say is coming this weekend!
Alrighty, hope you all are having a fantastic week! Love ya!
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