May Day!

Happy May Day lovelies! This day brings back memories of putting together goodie baskets for friends and family to leave on their doorstep! As the first day of the month, I'm sharing a few goals I have for my month!
1. Read my chronological Bible reading every day
I've been falling off the bandwagon with this, and really want to dive in deeper.
2. Lose at least 4% of my body weight.
this is for the Dietbet I'm a part of, and also just to continue getting healthy!
3. Jog the Color Run
the Color Run 5k is coming to Omaha on the 25th, and I'm signed up! I want to be able to jog it, instead of just walk it, like i did last year! It's all about breaking personal record for me!
4. Participate and Complete FatMumSlim's photo a day challenge on Instagram.
5. Keep reading more.
I love my online book club- and I want to be more consistent in my reading. Currently, I'm reading:

6. Blog purposefully and with content.
I know lots of bloggers are doing a Blog Every Day in May challenge, and though I'm not doing that, I do want to continue writing posts that are of substance.

Now for some Currently action!

Listening: I am LOVING Bethel's new instrumental album! It makes for perfect working/blogging/anything music!

Loving: if you read my blog on a regular basis (or just read the beginning of this post), you probably know by now that I am participating in my first Dietbet! Dietbet is basically another way to increase your accountability in dieting, or losing weight! I've joined about 25 other bloggers in putting in $25 in a pot, and for the month of May each of our goals' is to lose 4% of your weight. If you do that, you win some of the pot! As long as you lose 4%, you will earn back that $25, and maybe more, if people in your group don't lose their 4%. Also, all the weight logistics is kept private, BUT you get to leave comments for the group and cheer each other on! There is even an iPhone app, to keep you updated on the go! LOVING this new way to motivate me!

Thinking: SNOW...REALLY?!? Umm, doesn't the saying go, "April Showers bring May FLOWERS?!" Where's the sunshine and flowers? I really didn't want to have to dig out a coat and boots this morning. :(
Wanting; I am getting some SERIOUS spring fashion cravings! Chevron, mint, nude, lace, bows, and lilac are on the top of my list! Unfortunately I do not have the funds to support this craving. So anyone wanting to donate to Allie's Fashion Fund, please make your checks payable to Allie Elliott...JUST KIDDING! ...but seriously... Here are some top choices!
Needing: I keep playing the same songs over and over again at the gym, because I don't want to use up my data by playing Pandora. So instead, I have to keep replaying some of the same songs! Any workout music that you enjoy? Care to share? I'd love some inspiration! Leave a comment and I'll leave you some love!

Summer Bucket List: pretty self-explanatory! Go on at least one trip/vacation, keep working on my fitness, get a teaching job, work on my tan!

(BTW: I'm pretty proud of myself for making it into the first 100 to link up for Farley's Currently! Number 52 baby!!!)

Alrighty! Now go link up!
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  1. I just found you on Currently.

    I have a bible reading plan I do every day also. I have been doing really well, because I also write a short blog post about it. (Not on my teaching blog.)

    It's nice to meet you.

  2. I have never heard of dietbet! How awesome! I need to lose a lot more than 4%! Love your blog!

  3. Joining you from the Currently! I love that your goals are so specific. I need to get in on that action instead of my typical generic goals. I've never heard of a dietbet but I wonder if it would motivate me enough to get moving.
    (BTW I LOVE that lace dress! Gorgeous!)

  4. I need some new workout tunes as well!! I'm using app couch to 5k, so maybe I'll be able to do a real 5k!!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  5. I just found you on Currently. Who could resist the Gypsy Teacher-cool blog title. I'm thinking no more snow too! This is such CRAZY weather. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather


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