SpectAPPular Photo Apps for Adjusting and Filtering

Welcome back to my series on Photo Apps for your smart devices! I have done my homework (because of comments you lovely readers left yesterday) and discovered both of the apps I will share today are in the Apple App Store and there is a version similar/identical in the Android App Store as well!  It may not look the same as the Apple version I use, but it should have all the same content. I will have a link to the app for Apple and Android in the app title. The Apple version will be first, and the android second.

For the purpose of a sample photo, I will use this one. This is the original photo I had taken from my iPhone.

1. AfterLight / AfterLight Free
This app is one of my FAVORITES! It is $.99, which I think is an easy price to pay for all it has to offer. When you open the app, you can either choose to edit a photo in your library, or you can take the photo you want to edit. Then, it will open in this screen...
 You can explore all the buttons on the bottom of the screen, but just so you know, this is what they are used for:
1. Revert image back to original
2. Editing the levels of the photo (brightness, contrast, clarity, etc.)
3. Filters
4. Textures
5. Crop, Rotate, etc.
6. Frames

I start by cropping my photo to a square. You have to do this in Instagram anyways, and I never get it how I want it, so I do it in Afterlight first.
 Tap the 5th button, and then tap the crop button that appears. You can crop your photo exactly how you want to, but I love the square button! makes things super easy!
 Once I have a square photo, I go into the levels tab, and edit the photo. I made this photo a little lighter, and added more contrast, etc.
 And here is my final photo after the Afterlight App! I give this app 5 of 5 stars! It's awesome!

2. Vintique / Vintique
Vintique is a mash up of VINTAGE and ANTIQUE!  I really love this app too. It's my go-to fun filters app! It does cost $.99, though. But, again, you definitely get your money's worth out of it!

My favorite part of this app are the filters! It also has adjustment features, text, etc. But I love the fun vintage and antique tweaks to the photo, and that you can even edit the filters to make the photo how you want it. By the way, there are 36 filters to choose from! How can you ever decide?!!
 I decided to use Delight II on this photo. It adds just a hint of vintage magic to the picture! This is my finished product for today! I give Vintique 5 out of 5 stars too!
And here's a before and after photo for you to reference:

Come back tomorrow for Collages and Labels! If you missed yesterday's post, here is my introduction to this series, with a couple of free apps for you!
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  1. Love this :) its nice to see what apps other people use!


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