Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all have delicious plans to spend it with friends and family, over a barbecue, with fireworks, or wherever you may be! It's been really fun having all my family here for this week. We have 21 first cousins, I'm the oldest, and the youngest is 2! It may be crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Well today, to celebrate the fourth, I am going to share my "Currently" this month. This fun linky party is run by the one and only Farley, and she has hundreds of bloggers linking up every month. SO MUCH FUN!
So, without further ado, here is what I'm currently doing this month!!

I heart the Food Network, and their reality series Food Network Star is so fun to watch. It's one of my weekly shows I frequent.
I absolutely LOVE the line of Maybelline Baby Lips! I never use the same lip gloss twice, but this will be a lifelong relationship! I got the bright pink one about a month ago, and can't get enough! The lipstick is more like a chapstick with color. It is SO nourishing and soft on my lips. Y'all need it!!
I am finally taking a little vacation next week to Oklahoma to visit some friends. They have a lake house, so we will have a wonderful trip on the water in peace! Can't wait!
With me working all the time, I have not had a lot of time to lay out and get some sun! I hate being white, especially in summer.
I've had troubles with my left foot lately. After being on it for a couple hours at a time, it starts to hurt and tense up. There is no way to relieve it, once it is hurting, except to lay off of it for several hours. I just need it to be healed!!
My tip for blogging is to put a watermark on the pictures you post on your blog. That way no one can easily steal them, and if they get pinned to Pinterest, everyone will know where they came from! It takes time, but is worth it. I'm trying to work on this myself as well!

Have a spectacular Independence Day everyone, and remember freedom isn't free!
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  1. Hi! Found you on this month's Currently. Super cute blog! I am going to have to check out your recommended lip gloss - it's so hard to find ones that aren't drying. I'm also going to consider the watermarking idea... you might be on to something there. Happy July!


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