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Hello lovelies! Today's special guests are new to the blogging world, but they have some of the cutest classroom ideas! They are Martha and Wendie from 2 Smart Wenches! Make sure you go say Hi once you've jotted down this wonderful tutorial!!
What an honor to be a guest here at The Gypsy Teacher and be able to share a little something with you.

Wendie and I are so excited about our classroom decor theme this year. We are still in the beginning stages but we really wanted to share a great and fun way to make your room look one of a kind. We started off really wanting to create something unique and bright. Wendie came up with a great idea of using bright, colorful tissue paper to make our own classroom bug cutouts. They're turning out to be the cutest bugs you have ever seen! :)

The process is easy enough.

First, decide on the theme of your classroom decor and the cutouts you want to create. Then, purchase some poster board to help give your cutouts a sturdy shape. Draw your picture and then cut it out.
Here are some of ours and they are roughly 12 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Then, cut out strips of tissue paper. There are no set dimensions and you can just tear and roll if you would like. I personally like the beads similar in size so I used my scissors to cut strips. The strips I use are 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

This part can take awhile, so pace yourself. I did this sitting in front of the television watching Pretty Little Liars and House Hunters International. It made the task and time pass rather quickly. You will end up with lovely beads of tissue paper.

Once you think you have enough of the colors you need (believe me- these little beads go a long way), you can start gluing the beads down. Elmer's glue is the best for this and you will need a big bottle. Here is my bee in progress.

Now, here is the final product of the bee and ladybug.

I like that they can all look different. Wendie's look just as lovely, but with bigger beads.

We hope this is helpful and inspires you to create your own classroom cutouts.

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