Total Office Supply Addict

That is what I am! Seriously, one of my favorite times of the year is the beginning of the school year. I could walk through the school supply aisles for hours! definitely aids my addiction with their wide range of office supplies and furnishings! Oh, and I can browse through them all in the comfort of my own PJs! They sent me some Avery products to review, and how could I say no?!
Look at all the fun supplies I got!
I love this binder because is flexible, which means it will last longer. You can also prettify it with a cover. It has tons of room with the three rings to store and organize your papers, and with a flap in the back of the binder, it'll be perfect for holding everything you need! I just wish they had more options than black for the color of the binder!
The binder pairs perfectly with the next supply, Avery Ready Index Contemporary Table of Contents Divider (AVE11133)!
I put these lovely dividers in the binder above, and it is perfect to organize all my odds and ends papers! Teachers can also use these for small groups, or classes during the day. I love how colorful the tabs are too! The other dividers I see in the office supply stores are usually just clear, or black and white. And you can print onto the table of contents! So many great things to love about these dividers, and they are very strong, so they will hold up to lots of use.
The Avery Round Easy Peel Labels (AVE22807) are great for my business, Dipstix, to seal each package! They would also work for individualized reward stickers for your classroom!
These glossy circular labels will be wonderful for my business and classroom uses! All the reward stickers we use in the classroom are general, but you can personalize your own with these labels! I can't wait to stick my logo on them to show them off to my customers.
I think the Avery Blank Printer-Compatible Tags with Strings (AVE22802) may be my favorite of all these office supplies!
Don't these tags look like luggage tags? I'm planning on my classroom theme being world travel, so I can't wait to use these as tags for the classroom. I may use them for their book bags, or for decoration. They would also be perfect for a travel-themed party! They come with the strings, so less work for you! And you can print what you want on them.
I am so impressed with these! There are endless opportunities for these promotional products! For your classroom, you can use them for your classroom newsletter, and use the tear-away part for reward coupons, contact info, or upcoming events to remember. I think I will use them for my Dipstix business, to promote it around town!
All of these office supplies are a great addition to my supply, and definitely worth your money! Check them all out on along with many, many more wonderful supplies! Thanks to the folks at Shoplet for letting me review these office supplies free of charge, for my honest opinions!
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