What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't done a "what I'm loving" post in a while, and I'm having short-term writer's block this week, for some reason, so let's do this!

I'm loving Salted Caramel White Mochas from Starbucks. Yes. You heard me. WHITE mocha. MIND BLOWN, right?! Oh, and it is loads better than the reg salted caramel mocha. Holy Bananas. I'm in LOVE. Next to try, Pumpkin Spice White Mocha. (Can you tell I'm a white mocha fan?!) Oh, BTW, I tried the new Chocolate Chai, and...not a fan. It's like mixing hot chocolate and chai tea. Not horrific, but I'll have my chai by itself, please.

I'm loving this perfect weather! Warm enough during the day that I can still wear shorts and flip flops, but cool enough at night for a sweater.

I'm loving my clean room! I was off work yesterday and got everything clean! Feels amazing!

I'm loving fall scents at BBW. Seriously, they are amazing this season. I have a post coming up on that soon!

I'm loving bringing my own food to work. WHAT?!? Loving that?! YES. I'm saving money, and eating better. Double win!

I'm loving the invention of allergy medicine. It's saving my life right now!

I'm loving all the new fall TV premieres! The Voice, The Mindy Project, and New Girl are some faves!

I'm loving LIFE!
What are you loving this week?! Favorite Starbucks drink for fall? Do you fall victim to allergies like I do? What is your favorite lunch to take to work/school?
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  1. I order my salted caramel mochas white too! I have gotten a lot of ooh I've never tried it that way from barristas!


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