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Today's post is about a wonderful place I went with my family on vacation as a kid. It is so unique and exciting, and I can't wait to share! Twice we went to the place I am sharing with you today, and it is definitely somewhere I will take my future family. This magical place is The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island Michigan.

Mackinac (Mak-in-aw) Island is an island in Lake Michigan that truly takes you back in time. There are no cars or busses or motorized vehicles on the island, you get around by walking, bicycle, and horse and buggy.

You can get to the island by taking a ferry across the lake or by taking a small plane onto the island. The place we stayed is called The Grand Hotel, and grand it is!
The Grand Hotel is known for having the longest front porch in the world, and is dressed with white rocking chairs, yellow awnings over each window, and beautiful flowers. Not to mention, it looks out on a pretty spectacular view!

This magnificent place takes you back to the past with its gorgeous décor and fabulous gardens.
the gardens
the lobby
Every night, you can get dressed up to the nines for a 5-course delicious meal, and dancing afterwards.
my family, one night for dinner
the dining room
fab dessert!
the dance floor with live music was in the room behind this seating area
The hotel has so many cool passageways and rooms! One of my favorite parts was exploring the property!
each day they had the hotel agenda for guests
We could play bocce and croquet on the lawn, and use the swimming pool as well!
Oh! The magnificent gardens!
The Cupola Bar at the very top of the hotel! It was my favorite place to read and look out!
One of the many hallways, this one had a really low ceiling!
The Grand Hotel is awesome, but it is just one part of the fun little town of Mackinac Island! Here is main street:
The rest of Mackinac also had breathtaking Victorian-style houses!
One of the things Mackinac is known for is delicious fudge!
Both of the times my family went to Mackinac was for the Grand Hotel's family value days, where they had special activities for families. There were movie nights, s'mores, and games for all.
One of the MOST memorable activities my whole family did while we were their both times was biking around the island. There are amazing trails, and lots of bike rentals to rent bicycles for your family.

The reason why our bike rides create such memories in my mind is because both times during our ride, it started to rain. I see us, like a movie reel playing in my head, biking through the trails, getting splattered with rain, and having the time of our life. That is one thing about Mackinac, the weather could change at a moment's notice, but sometimes that is for the better!

What is a favorite vacation of yours? Any special inside scoop we should know about? Link up with me this week!
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