Travel Tuesday: Kauai, Hawaii

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This week I'm talking about my most recent vacation to Hawaii. I have actually been to the state 3 times, twice as a kid to the island of Lanai, and once this year to Kauai.

Kauai is a gorgeous, lush island! To get an idea of where it is in the lineup, here's a map:

I was blessed to be able to go, and visit my grandparents there. They even paid my way! They usually vacation in Hawaii for a few weeks every winter, and love staying on Kauai. Because they stay there for an extended time, they rent a condo.

One of the lanais off of the condo. We had our meals out here, and it was a beautiful setting!
I was there for a week, and boy did we fill it up! They welcomed me in the airport with a fresh lei, and we drove an hour to the town where they were staying from the main town on the island, Lihue.

One of the first days I was there, we visited The Kilauea Lighthouse. It was a picture perfect day!

Here are some pictures from my first couple of days. I was living the good life!
That's the view I looked out on every day. And that is the fresh, DELICIOUS papaya I ate every morning!

The complex we stayed in had a pool/hot tub and a workout center. It was great because there wasn't immediate access to the beach, but we got water and the view!
Living there for more than a few days, my grandparents made it a point to cook most of their meals at home. So they went to LOTS of farmers markets. It was really cool to see that part of the culture of the island. When I had been to Hawaii previously, it was a lot more touristy where we were. Here I really got to see how people lived! I loved the Farmer's markets!
People were selling coconuts out of the back of their cars!

The apple bananas were delicious!
We took walks on the beach almost every day! They had been to the island several times, so my grandparents knew the best beaches and spots!
Hanalei Bay

one of the places the movie South Pacific was filmed

Hanalei Bay - Surfer Bethany Hamilton is spotted here frequently shredding the waves!

Everywhere you turn there is beauty!

Postcard Perfect (and yes, it is my picture)

Got to have a sand picture!
One of the other events I was privileged to attend was a luau! I had never been to one, and this one was definitely a full event! My grandparents took me to it, and not only did they have delicious authentic food, there was a whole play of how Hawaii came to be! It was very theatrical! The whole night was a blast. If you ever have a chance to attend a luau, do it! It's very fun!

All three of us at the luau!
One of the very common birds on Kauai is the Albatross. We came home from our outings one day to see two albatross mating on the lawn in between a couple of the buildings! It was CRAZY to watch this day-by-day drama unfold. You never know what you will encounter here!

My grandpa has his favorite bakery and coffee shop on the island, the Kilauea Bakery! We went for coffee and baked goods one afternoon, and found this library on wheels outside! The profits go to the Kilauea schools!

Okay, this was HILARIOUS. I found this "weather station" during our travels. Thank you, Marriott, for this!

We took a day trip to the town of Poipu while I was there, because everyone said it had the best snorkeling! We also walked around a hotel and ate dinner while we were there!

And...I got to snorkel! Whoo! I love being in the water, and really wanted to snorkel while in Kauai. Poipu definitely has great snorkeling! I loved swimming around and looking at all the really amazing fish in the coral reefs! Also, while on the beach, we saw this HUGE sea turtle that had come ashore!

After a packed week of Hawaiian greatness, it was time for me to head home. Hawaii will always be a place of joy in my heart!

I love Kauai! If you are considering a vacation, Kauai is a wonderful destination. It can be touristy, but it is not as bad as other islands and places. I love the beaches, the gorgeous countryside, the attractions, and more! One thing to note about this island, the weather can change at a moment's notice! But that's what keeps you on your toes :)

Have you ever been to Hawaii and/or Kauai? What is your favorite part? What is your favorite vacation destination?

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  1. I've been to Hawaii, but not Kauai! i'd love to go back / see more of hawaii!


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