Fours for you, from me!

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life.
~ I started off as a receptionist for my dad's medspa, in high school.
~ When he closed it, I got a job at a local grocery store, and worked there my senior year of high school.
~ I worked as a dorm desk receptionist on my college campus for a couple years.
~ I am now working at Bath and Body Works as a sales associate!

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.
~ Breakfast at Tiffany's

~ Elf
(I had to throw a Christmas one in there :)

~ Father of the Bride (1 and 2)

~ How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

 3. Name 4 places you have lived.
~ I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado.
~ I moved to Fremont, Nebraska when I was 2.
~ I moved to Omaha, Nebraska when I was 4 and currently reside here.
~ I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the 3 years I went to college down there.

 4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.
~ Sushi
~ CHOCOLATE (and anything with chocolate in it)
~ Thai food
~ Chicken Caesar Salad

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.
~ iPhone (it hardly leaves my side)
~ Lip Balm (always in my pocket or purse- I cannot stand dry lips!)
~ Wallet (duh)
~ Sunglasses (HAVE to, I have very sensitive eyes)

 6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation.
~ Hawaii
~ Mackinac Island
~ Disney World
~ Colorado (A LOT)- my extended family owns a condo in Frisco (near Veil, Keystone, etc) and we go often. We will actually be heading there right after Christmas this year!

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  1. Visiting from the link up! I'm not a huge chocolate person but I've recently discovered a love of dark chocolate and I seriously can't get enough of it!

  2. I went to college (for a year!) in Fort Collins! I got sick and had to leave and finish school in Denver, but Fort Collins is a wonderful town! We recently got a puppy from a breeder up there!

    - Lauren @

  3. Father of the Bride is my favorite movie! I also have to have sunglasses at all times!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I too am addicted to my iPhone. :)

  5. That's funny, because I need my chocolate to be sweet! I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate, unless it's in something else. I wish I didn't have quite a big sweet tooth! Thanks for visiting!

  6. That's awesome! I loooove Colorado. Although I don't remember living there, I love that I was born there! Denver is great too. I want to live in CO someday!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I recently watched FOTB 2 again, and laughed my head off the whole movie! Steve Martin is hilarious. I love how those movies have me going from laughing fits to teary eyes all in the matter of seconds :)

  8. I seriously don't know what we did without them! It's like the world is at your fingertips!

  9. Aw, Father of the Bride! I was watching this with my FIL over the summer and he totally started crying, it was so cute! Just stopping by from the link up to say hi!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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