What?! Those two words usually don't go together, but today they do. I have a little technology tidbit to share with you all today, that just blew my mind! This is especially great if you like to vlog, post videos of any sorts, or make videos. This is called my Free Background Music Tutorial!

All you need is a Youtube account and a computer to store the music!

Start by logging into your Youtube account and going to your Video Manager.

Click on the "Creation Tools" at the bottom of the left sidebar.

And you're there! You can choose any song to download for free! Preview by clicking the play button at the left of each song, and you can decide the mood, instruments, and length of the videos you would like

Then star and download you favorites! They have all kinds of music for all kinds of videos!!

Just imagine the possibilities!! I was just fiddling around with the website the other day and found this! Such a great resource! Have fun exploring!

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  1. this really makes me want to make a video blog ! . just don't know where to start :(


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