Travel Tuesday: Bogota, Colombia, Parte Uno

Hello friends! I've got to say that this link-up pushes me to post every Tuesday, which is really good! I hope you will join me this week- your post can be anything from a destination to your bucket list, some tips and tricks to a photo dump! I host Travel Tuesday every Tuesday, so we can all take adventures to far off places!
My two international travels have been the most adventurous, fun, inspiring, heartbreaking, and God-breathed experiences of my life. I have yet to attempt to put into type on this blog these travels, because they are almost larger than life to try to break down and explain. But today, I decided to share one part to my first missions trip to Colombia. This part is just about the gorgeous scenery, culture, and my first thoughts about the city of Bogota and the country.

I absolutely LOVED the bright mix of colors from this South American country. It rains a lot, because Bogota is in the mountains, and has quite mild temperatures. One this is for sure, you want to make sure you bring layers to Bogota, but the rain just makes the colors more intense and beautiful!

We stayed in a great gated evangelical church compound in the city, and we had to climb tons of stairs every day! BUT, the mini-workout was way worth it for the incredible view of the city, especially this landmark of a spectacular architectural church! The city of Bogota is BIG, but if you do go without a group, make sure you search out the right part of town to stay, because there are some not-so-safe neighborhoods.

Again with those mountain views! I just can't get enough of this gorgeous backdrop.

Graffiti is EVERYWHERE there. It is definitely a form of art! I loved all the colors and art they create, and I loved that art in the left corner, where the boy looks like he's sitting in a window sill. I can definitely appreciate this unexpected form of art!

This is Colombia's version of the ding-ding man. We found him at a nearby park, and this was about day 8? out of 10, and we were missing the US. This ice cream was delicious, and it was fun to support his little business!

Traffic is always C-RA-ZY. So different from the states. As a whole, this country is very relaxed. Don't worry if you are an hour late, because you're still probably early!!

As you can tell, this place is one of the favorites I've been to, and I can't wait to share more next week!.

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