Crazy Shopping Weekend Hauls

Tis the Season to SHOP!! Holy Cow this weekend my inbox was FULL of awesome Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals. I am not such a huge online shopper, but I definitely did some damage this weekend! I'm trying to be REAALLLY frugal, so it's not as much as I really could have, but I'm glad I snatched up some of the spectacular deals last week! I did most of my shopping online, due to being sick on Black Friday :(. It was probably good, or else I would have done a whole lot more shopping!
Beauty Brands
I woke up Friday morning and started off with a Beauty Brands purchase. Even if you don't have a Beauty Brands near you, they do have some great online deals. I've spoken about this store before, it's similar to Ulta. I purchased:
I thought this sounded DELICIOUS! And it's one liter of it! It was on sale for $9.98, usually it costs $24! I really can't wait to use this in my shower; you can never have too many shower gels!
Okay, confession time. I really just got that awesome shower gel above to get this GWP for FREE! Look at all this cool skincare I get to try out! I can't wait to delve into it!
Here's another Black Friday perk: I got a free $10 Cash Card to with my purchase! Great for future purchases!
And then of course I got my 3 FREE samples! I chose:
AHAVA Mineral Botanic Duo Sample (lotion and body wash)
I always have to take into consideration the shipping costs too, but really, I got more for free than I had to pay for! So for everything listed above, I paid a whopping $17.05!
Bath and Body Works
 I'm NOT going to lie, I was pretty sad I missed out on all the great Black Friday deals at Bath and Body Works. But I did end up getting a couple of things on Saturday, when I was feeling better and went to work.
2 for $22 3-Wick Candles
I love our candles, and I didn't know when we were going to have the sale again, so I had to grab a couple. My mom requested the Fresh Balsam, and I love the Toddy, so I decided on those two for now. (I have many more on my list for later!) We burned the Fresh Balsam at a party Sunday night, and it was perfect! So I paid $22 for these two candles.
Gray Flower Wallflower Heater
This is a really boring purchase, but I was trying to get to $30 to use my coupon, and I seriously needed one of Gray Flower Wallflower Heaters! A little "plug": our wallflowers are AMAZING. I love the one I have in my bedroom, and plan on adding onto my collection in other parts of the house. It was $4.50.
Tis the Season is another favorite in the home fragrance for winter at BBW. I love the Scentportables for our cars, my closet, etc. I really just needed it for my coupon, but I'll definitely use it or gift it. It's original cost is $3.50.
My total came to $30, and then I used my $10 off $30 coupon, so I got all of these items for $21.40 with tax. The candles ended up costing $7.34 a piece! Woo hoo!
Then, on Sunday, I opened my Ulta email, and saw that all Maybelline products (at their store) were half off. OH.EM.GEE. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore lines, so I was all over that. They also had a deal on their website that day that every second item purchased was 50% off. And the two deals were on top of each other! These are some of my BEST finds this weekend.
I have heard SO many good things about these eye shadows, especially this color. I can't wait to try it out, and I got it for $2.10 instead of $6.99!
I can't wait to try this! I got the lightest color, to really cover up those dark circles! It is originally $7.99, and I got it for $4.79!
This is a favorite foundation of mine, and so I got it while I could for $4.79, instead of dishing out the regular $7.99!
Y'all already know how much I love my Baby Lips, and my lips get extra dry in the winter, so I grabbed one of these guys to try for the first time, for, get this, just $1.29! They retail for $4.29!
The only product I didn't get, because they were sold out, were the Color Elixir Lip Colors! I have been searching high and low for these in stores, and when I went to add some to my bag online the other day, they were sold out! I was kicking myself because I forgot about the sale, and didn't get my order in until about 5 pm that day. Oh well. My final total, shipping included, was $20.26! Can I get an AMEN!?!?!!?
Wild Butterfly Boutique
I did a review of a statement necklace from the Wild Butterfly Boutique in the fall, and when I saw their Instagram post that you could get everything half off PLUS free shipping, I ran to the website to grab some for my friends! They have really increased the amount of products they sell, and have some great jewelry, perfect for Christmas gifts!
I am in LOVE with this necklace. I seriously wanted to get one for myself as well! It's the perfect combination of vintage and modern. I can't wait to gift this one! I paid about $8.50 for it, instead of $16.95.
Isn't this a beauty?! I am such a fan of this online boutique, because they have great jewelry and you don't have to break the bank! I paid about $7.00, instead of $13.99.
I know bubble necklaces are kind of going out of style, but I still think they are really pretty, especially in pink! And it was another great buy, for about $7.50 instead of $14.95!
Total I paid $22.94 for about $46 worth of jewelry, and I didn't have to pay for shipping!!
The final purchase of the weekend was a very small one. I'm doing a Secret Santa Swap over Instagram, #sunshinesecretsanta. When I got the email today from that flat holiday cards were just 49 cents, I decided to send my recipient some Christmas cheer!
I got to customize the bottom part of this card for my partner, and send it off for a total of $.95!
Overall I spent about $82, getting three Christmas gifts, a whole lot of fun beauty products, some home smell-goods, a card for a friend, $10 to spend later, and MORE! Thank goodness for the great weekend sales! I have OFFICIALLY started my Christmas shopping!
Have you started Christmas shopping? What did you score this weekend?
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  1. Love all of it!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Looks like you scored some great deals! I was at Target at 8:15 PM on Thanksgiving and got some great gifts for my family!

  3. I LOVE candles AND B&BB (hence 2 of the things on my Christmas list on my blog today haha) so I've been meaning to pick up one of those candles!! I also really like that cream statement necklace!


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