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Okay, how many of you LOVE to plan? Calendars, planners, phone apps, oh my! I always relish at the thought of searching through the racks to find that perfect planner or calendar for my year! So I was very excited when asked me to review a couple of items for them!

Shoplet is the internet king of office supplies! They have all kinds of goodies to explore, including calendars and planners! The first item I received was the 2014 Calendar.
(Highlighters not included.)
This 2014 calendar is in a two-toned blue color, and it is desk-sized. This brand, House of Doolittle, uses 100% recycled paper in all of their products, so that is the paper of this calendar. It's perfect to set on your desk! You have plenty of space to write in each day, and it has lines in each box to guide you. At the bottom of each month it has your whole year in small form, for easy review or to check on a specific date! Also, I love the notes section!
This notes section is a blogger's dream! It has plenty of space to write any notes that you need! The only downside is that I have large handwriting, and the lines don't have a ton of space between them, so I really have to make an effort to write small. But besides that, it is PERFECT!

As you can probably tell, I've decided to use this calendar as my blogging calendar. It works great because I can write the posts I'm planning in the boxes of each day, and any thing I need to get done by certain days. Then, I can brainstorm, and write to-dos in the note section! I'm a SUCKER for highlighting, so I made myself a little code in the first picture above. It keeps me organized!
 There are the corner flaps on the bottom corners of the desk pad calendar to keep the paper in place. Something else I noticed and liked was that even though I highlighted all over the January page, nothing bled over into February. That's really important to me in a calendar.
 Each page is easily disposable at the end of the month with a perforated edge, yet, just flipping through the calender won't tear anything out. Love that!

I'm loving this 2014 Calendar, and I definitely think that it's in the higher quality end of other desk pad calendars. The only downside I see is that the pad itself is made kind of flimsy. It's not the highest quality, but that's okay, because it's only $6.90 and you will only need it for a year! All in all, this is a great, clean-lined, desk pad calendar, and one that you should consider if you're in the market! It also makes a great blog calendar, with all of the extra note space!

The other item Shoplet sent was a Business Planner, also from House of Doolittle.
(Pen not included)
 This business planner is very well made. The cover is sturdy, and the binding is very easy to maneuver. I definitely think it will last me through the year! Each week has sections for each day, and the hours of the day (8a-5p) clearly marked for easy scheduling.
 At the bottom of each week there is an Expense Record to mark any expenses you have over the week. This would be particularly helpful if you did work more in the business side of things to track your spending. But I like it to keep me on budget!
The planner is compact, yet still has enough room to write in each day. I like using the times to schedule my day, although I wish they extended into the evening. There are also helpful pages in the planner, like calendars for each month for 3 years in advance!
The only things I would say aren't my favorite about this planner is that because the paper is 100% recycled, it's kind of flimsy,and I fear it will tear easily. And, as I said above, I wish the times on each day extended into the evening, because I would get more use out of it then. But for a professional in the business world, I think this is a great planner! It's sleek, easy to travel with, and the Expense Record is appreciated! This probably won't be something I would need, though, since I'm not in that job position currently.

All in all, House of Doolittle, supplies great office stationary! It's definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you're in the market for 2014 calendars and planners! I would say they go above and beyond their competitors in sleekness and space to write in, and I like how they are eco-friendly!

Finding the right products is hard sometimes, but Shoplet supplies all of your office supply needs! They also have great promotional products to check out, including promotional shirts! I love using their office supplies!

(I received both of these products complimentary for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts on these products are my own.)
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