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Hey everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week! I have another Travel Tuesday post for you today, digging in deeper with my trip to Togo. Today I'm talking more about the ministry we did while we were there.
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Before you start, head over to last week's post, where I shared some travel tips through my experience of traveling to Togo!

We were in the country of Togo for about four weeks. In that time, we had some changes of plans, that were definitely drastic! I'm not going to go into the whole thing, but basically, our contact who lived in Lome (the capital city) was deathly ill when we arrived, so we spent the first week holed up in his home, as it was not safe for us to leave his home by ourselves. He made us feel like kings, though, as we got air-conditioned rooms, his wife cooked more delicious food than we could ever eat, and we were able to really connect with God and bond as a team.

Once our contact was feeling better (God really worked in his body through us being there to support and pray for him), we started ministering to the people of Togo! We started by going to a school in Lome, where we got to love on some kids and do a mini-service. We had some of the BEST training before the trip, where we were prepared with all kinds of skits, songs, games, and stories! One of our skits was The Chair skit, shown below!
We played all kinds of games with the kids, and we were just so happy to be with them!
We also were part of a couple of church services in Lome. One of us would preach, others would help, maybe lead worship, and then have an altar call.
Our team was really blessed to have Rufus, one of our members, who was native to Benin, which neighbors Togo! He was an awesome help with translating!

This prayer service was SO powerful...

A few days later we headed up-country into "The Bush," a more indigenous place in the country. We were able to go and hang out with some BEAUTIFUL children who were at school. They had never seen Americans, or anyone with white skin, so it was a precious moment! We took silly pictures, and had so much fun with them.
And this was their school...just a little bit different than what we have here, huh?!

One of the main ministries we had were to hold mini-conferences for the Sunday School teachers at the different churches, to help them learn how to teach the children in the church. It was right up my alley, and I was able to put together several programs so we could all teach the teachers. The first day, we would spend time with the teachers, giving them ideas, insights, and ways to teach the kids in a meaningful way. Then, the second day, we'd come back and show them how to do what we taught with a group of kids! It was so great, and I loved being a part of helping nurture those precious children!

As we traveled up north, we stopped at a village, called Soto, that had never heard about Christ before. They dealt with witchdoctors, and had no idea of Jesus. We were able to gather the members of this village together for a message, and it was POWERFUL. Rozy, a member of the team, preached a Spirit-filled message, and many of the people were saved!
Here we are with all of the new believers!!
We then split up and went around to the homes of the villagers to pray for them. It was another time of ministry that I will never forget. We prayed for anyone who would accept it. Again, witchcraft is huge there, so praying against that as well as strengthening the new believers were are focus.

Our team did several other church meetings and teachers seminars throughout the country, and it was awesome to be a part of what God is doing in Togo!

Looking back through all these pictures brings back SO many memories! I can't wait to share more with you next week! Love you all!

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