The Healthy Truth: Satisfy your Cravings, Healthily

Hey everyone! Today's post is another one about healthy living, called The Healthy Truth! I am on the road to being healthy and losing weight and have had quite a lot of bumps along the way. This journey has had it's ups and downs, but I am determined to be a healthier me!

Anyway, today's post is about something that's really important to me, when trying to lose weight. I have always heard "No ______" (fill in the blank with what you crave most often). For me, it's "No Sweets". Well, if you crave it, your body wants it! So, if I didn't satisfy that craving healthily, it would, at some point, break me, and I'd head to my nearest drugstore and pick up a bag of candy. Not that I wanted to do this, or would recommend it, I'm just being real.

So, instead of totally negating my craving for something sweet, this time around I'm acknowledging my want, and satisfying it with something healthy. That's my tip. No matter if you want sweet, salty, carbs, etc. try researching a couple healthy alternatives! So, since my weakness is sweets, I'm going to share some of my healthy options today!

1. Favorite Fruits,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHKXBQ83K35XMENibLdTPM4mMfMoA&ust=1395373380723149
This seems like an obvious choice, but fruit contains natural sugars that satisfy those sweet cravings. When you're choosing which fruit to buy, think about what you will want to eat. For me, I love grabbing a banana on my way out the door, cutting up pears for a mid-afternoon snack, and I go through those six-cup packs of natural applesauce weekly. Another great grab-and-go snack is anything from the Simply Balanced fruit snacks line at Target. There are the fruit snack pieces, fruit strips, twists, etc. They are super good for you, if you're tired of the same old thing.,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGpwpVsDAln3RLP_M9sYIfNud8R8g&ust=1395434052797898
2. Sweet Potato
I have a thing for sweet potatoes right now. They are full of nutrients for your body, yet very sweet! They are a superfood, and they taste great too. There are several ways I like to eat sweet potato: I'll cut them into bite-size chunks and roast them in the oven with some salt pepper and EVOO, I love them in chips (check the ones below as a healthy option!), and mashed, they're pretty delish!
3. Honey/Truvia
You didn't think it would all be fruits and veggies, did you?! Because I know I can't live like that before craving something a little different. I am a major tea and coffee drinker, and usually go for Sugar in the Raw. But if I'm feeling a little bit healthier, I go for honey or Truvia (a sweetener from the Stevia plant). Now, the thing about sweeteners, is having it be balanced. Don't sprinkle it over every single meal, but a little bit in your morning drink of choice isn't a horrible thing!
4. Peas and Carrots
What? It's a childhood classic, but both are so sweet, they are great for satisfying the sweet tooth! I grab a bag of frozen peas, cut up some carrots, and either sauté them or even just boil them! It's so easy, and it's a filling and yummy afternoon snack!,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNFlSkJJ1wcF0EVjXxn90r-PmUYZbg&ust=1395456781021557

Now, here's a tip: blend a banana with a favorite berry, freeze it, and you get a healthy sorbet! Perfect for those days when you're craving ice cream!
What are your tips and tricks for satisfying your sweet tooth?! Anyone else finding it extremely hard to stay away from the Easter candy?! WE CAN DO IT!
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