What I'm Loving Wednesday - iPhone App Style!

Hello loves! Sorry for the late start of posts this week! I've kind of hit a block lately, but I am pushing through! I love reading "What I'm Loving" posts, so I thought I'd do one today! I'm going to be sharing some iPhone apps that I've really been loving lately! These are not a complete list, as I haven't included any basics, or social media, but they are apps I've either loved for a long time that I haven't seen much about, or ones I've discovered lately and have been loving!

1. Week Calendar
Let me premise this by saying I am usually not a fan of keeping my schedule on a technological device. I love me a great planner that usually has all kinds of bent pages, highlight bleeds, and pen markings all over it. BUT, this app changed me a teeny weeny bit. It works for me because it is so visual. You literally get to mark out your time with fun colors. You can use Emojis. You can make your events however you prefer. It has all the national holidays built in. You can have all-day events that coexist with time-bound events. It is $1.99, but for those of you who are planners and are visual learners, it'll be the best $2 you ever spend. There are several views (day, agenda, week, mini month, month, and year) but my favorite is the week view (pictured below). I LOVE this app, and have had it since the beginning. It is one of my absolute favorites!

iTunes Sample

2. HootSuite
I literally just downloaded this app two weeks ago, and am completely stupid for not doing so earlier! I really didn't know the purpose of this app, so, if you're like me, and don't know, just go download it! ESPECIALLY if you are a blogger. It is basically a place to write social media posts and post it on all the places you want in one. I have my personal Facebook, my Facebook page for my blog, my FB page for my Etsy shop, my personal Twitter, AND my blog Twitter, all linked to it. And I can post one message to any and all the accounts I wish with one tap of a button. It's amazing! And it's free! Even better!

iTunes Example
3. Cuptakes
This app is for those of us who love to keep our phones looking cute! This app supplies fun and interesting backgrounds for your phone, and they update every month! Not only does it have really fun backgrounds in all colors, patterns, and looks, but it also has a handful of calendar backgrounds for each month! So, right now, I have a bright-colored striped background with a March calendar on my lock screen, and a FUN aqua-colored arrow-patterned background on my home screen! And their super easy to use too! The app costs $.99, but is worth it!

iTunes Example
4. The Hunt
I recently downloaded this app as well, though I've known about The Hunt website for a little while. If you don't know about The Hunt, it's where you submit a photo of something you're looking for, and others on the internet find what you're "hunting" for! It is SO awesome. I love getting ideas of what to shop for, and it's fun to see what other people are looking for. I use the app to check in on hunts I've started, check out some other hunts going on, or submit new hunts. If you haven't checked out The Hunt, or haven't downloaded the app for it, I definitely recommend it! Plus, the app is free!

iTunes Example

5. Cartwheel by Target
If you're a fan of Target, you've probably at least heard of this app. At first, when I downloaded this app, I was very confused. It sat on my phone for weeks, untouched and unexplored. I didn't understand the meaning or use of it. BUT, once I did get it going, I was extremely pleased! It is such an amazing app, that saves you money! Here's how I use it: I go shopping at Target, get whatever I want in my cart, then park myself in an empty aisle. I open up the Cartwheel app, and get to scanning! You can search any item, or scan the barcode, which is way easier. I go through my cart and scan every item in it. If there is a savings available on the app, it'll tell me and then store it under my personal coupon barcode. Once everything I want to buy is scanned, I'll head up to the register and have the cashier scan my personal barcode after every item is scanned through the register, just like a mobile coupon. Then, I watch the total fall! It's so awesome. It's a free app, and it saves me money at one of my favorite places to shop! It's definitely a must-have on my phone.

iTunes Example

Okay, so DISH! I want to know your best-kept iPhone app secrets! Do we share any faves?! Let me know your favorite apps in the comments!! Have a wonderful week!
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  1. I love trying out new apps, especially for free. My recent passion is one named PowerGuard https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/powerguard-security-privacy/id712104067?mt=8 .
    It tells me how much juice my iPhone has and how much longer it can last. That's sweet. It's free, but judging from the comments, used to be $0.99. That makes me feel even better.

  2. HootSuite sounds like something I need!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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