Bath and Body Works Spring Launch Part 2

Spring is in full swing, and I'm LOVING it! At Bath and Body Works, we've had a couple more releases of new products, so I thought I would do a quick run down on my what's new, and what products I recommend to get the most out of this spring season!! If you have yet to do so, head over and read my thoughts in this post about what they have brought out in early spring!
We'll start with home fragrance, because I love making my house smell amazing! Right now, I believe, the 2 for $22 sale is going on for all of the 3-Wick Candles, so it's a great time to pick some of these new ones up!
The Hawaiian collection has been out for about a month and a half now, and I'm loving it! The fragrances are different from the classic tropical scents (aka Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita, etc.) and they really run the gamut with having all sorts of fragrance notes! 
Black Sands: Ocean Mist, Amber, Creamy Cedarwood
Rainforest Sugarcane: Lime, Raw Sugarcane, Vanilla Orchid
Red Guava Lava: Fresh Guava and Passionfruit
Pineapple Palm Grass: Pineapple Fields and Green Foliage
Mango Dragon Fruit: Dragon Fruit and Mango
Lanikai Coconut: Coconut Milk, Seawater, and Palm Tree Leaves
Island Waters: Water, Palm Leaves, and Bamboo
Hawaiian Hibiscus: Hibiscus, Creamy Coconut, and Jasmine
Don't those just sound dreamy?! My absolute favorite of the bunch is the Hawaiian Hibiscus. It's a lighter scent, but burning, the creaminess of the coconut mixes with the floral notes of hibiscus, and it's amazing. Plus, it's a bright magenta color - so gorgeous! I also like Black Sands. It is very similar to the Black Tie we had at Christmas, and is a great mix of fresh and warm.
I love saying "Red Guava Lava" but have discovered lately I'm not the biggest fan of the scent. I've found the most popular scents also include Mango Dragon Fruit!
This Provence Collection is the newest to the store. It's a dreamy blend of earthy and fruity scents, with some unique options thrown in! Here are all the fragrance notes:
French Lavender (Not Pictured! OOPS!): Wild Lavender and Vanilla
Lemon Verbena: Verbena Lemon Blossom and Lily of the Valley
Sundrenched Vineyard: White Wine Grapes and French Oak
Springtime in Provence: Fresh Raspberries, Juicy Peaches, and Citrus
Citron Cedarwood: Cedar, Citrus, and Moss
Wild Poppies: Poppy, Peach, and Sparkling Lemon
Provence Garden: Garden Greens, Pear Blossom, and Ivy
My definite favorite out of the bunch is the Wild Poppies. I am SO drawn to floral fragrances lately! The others are all very different. Common favorites are Sundrenched Vineyard (it smells similar to our Black Cherry Merlot hand soap!), Citron Cedarwood (another fun "man scent"), and Lemon Verbena. The French Lavender definitely teleports you to fields of fresh lavender! The only disappointing fragrance is Springtime in Provence. It really doesn't smell anything like it says. I haven't burned it though, so maybe the fragrance is better once it is lit.
Next, we will mosey on to hand soaps! The new formula makes them even better, and the scents are wonderful for springtime!
The six new fragrances in the Provence Collection are:
Wild Poppies: Poppy Flowers, Peach, and Pear
Provence Garden: Green Apple, Coriander, and Tangerine
Mandarin Citron: Citron, Mandarin, and Cyclamen Petals
Lavender Blossom: Lavender, Sage, and Vanilla Sunlight
Mediterranean Lemon: Sparkling Lemon, Kaffir Lime, and Verbena
Sundrenched Vineyard: Raspberry Blossoms, Apples, and French Bordeaux
If you just read the fragrances in the Provence candles, you can see there are a lot of scents that are either the same or very similar to the soap scents. I think this is great for gift-giving, or keeping the same scents throughout your home. I really like the Mediterranean Lemon and the Mandarin Citron. They are both fresh and fun scents for spring!
 And for the tropical hand soaps, we have a tantalizing blend of floral, coconut, fresh, and fruity scents! BBW did the same thing with this collection as they did with the Provence Collection, where you can match up the soaps to something similar in home fragrance, like Rainforest Sugarcane, the Mangoes, the Pineapples, etc.! Here is the low-down on what makes these scents so delicious!
Wild Passionflower: Wild Passionflower and Water Hyacinth
Rainforest Sugarcane: Fresh Sugarcane and Pink Guava
Mango Hibiscus: Juicy Mango and Tropical Hibiscus
Island White Pineapple: White Pineapple and Sparkling Melon
Aloha Orchid: Hawaiian Orchid and Iced Papaya
Honolulu Sun: Fresh Island Coconut and Pacific Palm
Just reading these descriptions make me long for a Hawaiian paradise! I don't think there is a bad one in this bunch! Aloha Orchid came back again from last year, and is very popular. Honolulu Sun almost smells like suntan lotion, in a GOOD way! Rainforest Sugarcane is one we cannot keep on the shelves. and I love the Island White Pineapple!
Last Stop: Signature Body Care!
 We brought out three new Hawaiian scents for your body this season, something for everyone!
 The Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss combines passionfruit, papaya blossoms, and creamy macadamia for an enticing fruity paradise! This one is probably the most popular, and it is perfect for a refreshing spring and summer scent!
Maui Hibiscus Beach mixes star fruit, mango wood, and tropical hibiscus for a dreamy blend of the Hawaiian oasis! This scent is my personal favorite, as it is tropical, but can be an everyday scent to bring you some sunny joy!
And Oahu Coconut Sunset is a warm blend of coconut blossoms, tiger lily, and molten amber. It's definitely not the typical coconut scent, but has a spectacular beachy vibe!
BBW came out with a couple fun ways to wear these scents this time around, with a Pink Sand Sugar Scrub and a Beach Glow Body Lotion. The scrub helps get those dry dead skin cells off in preparation for an even tan. And to help you along while you're still quite pale (like me), the beach glow body lotion gives a natural yet noticeable glow to your skin that looks like you've been tanning since November! Definitely check those two forms out at your nearest store, as they are fun to try on and see what you think!
 The newest body care is from the Provence Collection. The main fragrance is French Lavender and Honey, which I think is a perfect combination of sweet and floral. It is unique and the fragrance notes are in the picture above.
Towards the bottom of the picture, there are three more scents that come in the two exciting limited edition forms for this theme: a Honey Body Scrub and a Honey Body Souffle. I have talked about my love for honey in skincare before on the blog, as it is a humectant that gives your skin amazing hydration. It is combined not only with the Lavender, but also with Almond, Wild Iris, and Apricot to give four heavenly scents, awesome for spring and summer!
You may know that the company got rid of the regular body butters in the Signature collection at our last semi-annual sale, so the sight of the souffles is so fabulous. They are super luxurious and have an almost-whipped texture, while still giving incredible moisture to the skin. I can't say enough good about it! My favorite scent out of the four has to be the Apricot and Honey. It is very calming and soothing, yet has a pop of fruitiness.

So, to finish, here are some of my overall thoughts:
BBW really has done well creating fragrances this spring that are unique, yet will satisfy most palettes. I love the bright-colored packaging, and the journey we take from Hawaii to Provence (Next we're onto Morocco, London, and Tokyo!). There are some disappointing fragrances, but I can find favorites in all three of the main categories. Standouts include the body souffle, Hawaiian Hibiscus home fragrance, and the fresh citrus soaps! I encourage you to stop into the store to experience all the fun new scents! Also, head over to the website for more information and to see what forms each of your favorite fragrances come in.
So, what are the stars in your book!?! What do you have in your home right now that you are loving?! I want to know!
(all original photos are taken from and put together in collages by me)
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