High Five for Friday!

This week has definitely been one for the books! It's been super busy, but extremely fun! I'm planning on getting back into some sort of blogging routine next week, so that will be good!! Let's get started with this High Five for Friday!
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1. THE WEDDING. My younger brother Collin got married on Monday to his gorgeous now-wife Keirstyn! The wedding was beautiful! I was a bridesmaid and my other brother, Peter, was the best man. I'll have a full post with pictures coming soon, but here's one for a preview. We had a morning wedding with a breakfast reception. The theme was Enchanted Forest, and it definitely was!

2. FAMILY. I love events like weddings because all friends and family try to come out for a visit! All of my mom's brothers and sisters came to Omaha for the wedding, and we only get to see them maybe once a year! So, of course, we had so much fun catching up and hanging out! We had  a pool party the night after the wedding, and brunch too! I'm the oldest of 21 grandchildren, and Collin was the first to get married. Lots of little ones (who aren't so little anymore) running around together!

3. MURDER MYSTERY PARTY. This may be cheating a bit, but last Friday night I went to a murder mystery party that my friend hosted! It was set back in the 1930s in England, and it was super fun! There were 8 of us there, and we had dinner, dessert, and tried to figure out whodunnit! Pictures coming soon!!

4. SPACE. Since my brother Collin has now moved out, I am able to use his table for a desk! I still need to find "real" furniture, but this is the best I've got right now! I finally have a desk to get ready in the mornings and to work on things. It's so nice to be able to have a place to do that. I'm planning on doing a little room tour soon!

5. SELFIE. I'm ending this week with my new favorite selfie! Weddings are a great time for these type of photos, and this one was snapped last Saturday before the rehearsal dinner. :)

So what's been going on in your neck of the woods?! I feel out of touch, since I've been so busy lately! Tell me your favorite thing from the week down in the comments!! I'd love to hear from you!

Much Love, Allie

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