Splendid Swap Party Reveal!

Hello lovely people! Today I have a very exciting post. At least it's super exciting for me! Earlier this month I signed up to do a fun little blog swap called the Splendid Swap Party!! The theme for this first round was Summertime Favorites.

I got paired up with the lovely Jessica! She has a fantastic blog called Beyoutiful Beauty. You must go check out her blog and say HI! because she is awesome and I love her recommendations! I especially love her lips of the day series, to fuel my lip product obsession!!

She and I have been chatting it up all month long via email and have gotten to know each other pretty well (at least, as well as we can without actually meeting each other in person!). The crazy thing is, we have SO much in common! We're less than two months apart in age, both live in the midwest, are avid readers and love a lot of the same things, even down to the makeup brands (Maybelline for the win!!)! We both love Starbucks, makeup, and chocolate too. You guys probably know by now that I'm pretty much obsessed with Paris, France and have to go there soon, and she went a few years ago and loved it! We both had Paris-themed bedrooms as teenagers too! So, anyways, we definitely became friends fast!!

After getting to know each other, we sent each other a box of summer goodies! If you want to check out what I gave Jessica, make sure you check out her blog post about it today too!

I was so excited to get my package from her! She hit it out of the park with everything she gave, and I can't wait to show you! So here's what I got:
A delightful note!
A relaxing face mask!
Two nail polishes!
A candle that smells amazing!
And the coaster with a black and white picture of Paris and the Eiffel Tower!

 Twizzlers are one of my favorite summer treats! They are perfect because they don't melt, and they are great to munch on! She got me the Blood Orange Mojito scented candle from Target, and it smells DELICIOUS! I've already started burning it in my bedroom and I love it.

 I love the colors of nail polishes she got me! The pink one is going on my nails next! I love the mint green color too! And the face mask will be a nice treat!

My favorite part of the swap package, though, was this coaster! Jessica had gone to Paris seven years ago, and purchased the coaster there. It was so sweet of her to pass it on and give it to me! I love the picture, in it's gorgeous vintage glory. Every time I see it I think of how much I want to go there and I think of Jessica! I literally squealed when I opened this part. It was so thoughtful!

So, thank you Jessica for this fabulous swap! I had SO much fun getting to know you and will continue to do so! I'm glad we've become friends, and I am thankful that the Splendid Swap Party brought us together! If you're ever in Omaha, we'll have to get together for sushi and meet in real life!

Once again, make sure you go visit Jessica's blog and follow her! You'll love her! I'm so glad I did this swap! Thank you to all the hosts for putting this on! It was definitely a success in my book!

Much Love, Allie


  1. What a fun box!!! Oh my gosh I am in love with the nail colors she picked!! Thanks for joining the swap :D

  2. What a great swap box!! Jessica was my partner in the last swap I did and she sends great stuff ;) I loooove those two polish colors and Twizzlers really are the best summer candy since they don't melt! Thanks for participating!


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