What's in My Travel Beauty Bag?

Hello from Frisco, Colorado! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post to make some munchies for traveling! Today I'm continuing the Summer Travels series by sharing what I packed in my Travel Beauty Bag! I'm all about organization, and keeping things in pouches for easier access and less mess. I have A LOT to go through, but I think it gives a great insight into what to pack, and maybe what to skip!

When packing for this trip, keep in mind it was a road trip! I didn't have to worry about keeping things under 3 oz. But Target has some great bottles for you to keep your products in, if you don't want to take the big containers!

Where are you off to on your Summer Travels this summer?!? What are your must-haves for travel!?

Here's a instagram from my trip so far! Make sure you're following me on Instagram and Twitter!

Much Love, Allie

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