Pilau and... Flying Crayons?!

Oh, what a DAY! It was a crazy one! I woke up late, and even though I detested the thought of walking to school, I did it anyways. My class was more talkative than ever- even though three were absent (some of the "buffers"). We raced to the grocery store after school, to get there three minutes before they closed! Then we came home, and our puppies (a.k.a. escape artists) had gotten out of their kennel, and literally climbed through the locked gate. SCARY! There's more to this story, but it's already past my bedtime, so I should get onto the photo for day four! (Haven't heard?! I'm sharing one photo every day! Check out all the photos so far here!)

This is what I had for lunch today- and probably my favorite Tanzanian dish! It is called Pilau! It is made of rice, vegetables, and meat, with a bunch of incredible spices! They throw everything into one pot so it all marinates in those amazing spices, and becomes a delicious meal. I love how we get some Tanzanian meals for lunch at school. This is the first meal I ate in Tanzania, so it definitely has some sentimental value too. Next, I want to learn how to cook it!!

What's a favorite food of yours that you've tried recently? Have you ever had Pilau?

P.S. You're not officially a teacher until you've been hit in the face by a crayon that was flung across the room. Yep. This happened today. I told you it was a crazy day! *Thank the Lord we're half-way through the week!*

Much Love, Allie

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