Starbucks with my Street Meat?!

Whew! This will be my seventh installment of #TheGypsyTeacherPhotoaDay! It's been fun, even though I had to post a couple late, due to extreme tiredness and busyness! But I'm hoping to stay on track this next week! It's a great way to stretch myself by capturing more moments! Today's picture for day seven is from when we were getting dinner tonight.
Okay, I realize this isn't the best quality photo, but after several attempts of capturing the detail on the apron, and then brightening and clarifying as much as possible, this is what I've got!

We LOVE Street Meat!! Basically, there is this place (actually a couple of places) on the side of the road in town, that serves up kuku (chicken), mishkaki (beef shiskabobs), and Zanzibar pizza (shown, ground beef with veggies and an egg packed into a pastry) for pretty cheap! I can get a whole meal for 3,000 shillings, which is about $2!

It's so funny, because ever since the first time I've gotten street meat, at least one of the cooks would be wearing a Starbucks apron! I so wish I could grab a Java Chip Frappuccino or a Peppermint Mocha with my dinner!! Haha!!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Savor a Starbucks drink for me!

Much Love, Allie

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