Wow~ What a DAY! I planned on getting this post up on time (yesterday), but after some unfortunate events (losing my lesson plans for the week TWICE), I really wanted to get as much sleep as possible, even though it was only a little. Anyways, day eight was truly one I will never forget, at least I hope I don't!!
A huge Baobab tree on our way to the church, with a bird perched at the top! 
Sunday morning, part of our Global Effect team went out to a village church, called Bethel, in a village south of Moshi. I so wish I would have taken more pictures of this cool church (Check out more pictures on my FB page!). The presence of the Lord was so strong- and the congregation was hungry for the Word! This church was unlike others I have been to, as there were literally no walls. Instead, tarps and fabric were hung, which let in a very nice breeze, and, spiritually, the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Freedom was the over-arching word for the day of ministry there- as three of the members of the group had felt God leading in that direction. I could share so much from that service, but I think the two things that stood out to me were the time of individual prayer and the end of the service.

After the powerful message of walking in freedom, we prayed in small groups for those wanting prayer. I really can't put into words how thick God's presence was. He was working on hearts and set captives free! There was healing, deliverance, and so much more. God broke through language barriers and made His truth known! I was able to pray with several of the women of the church, and was blessed to be able to stand with them as they began to access the freedom God has for them!

At the end of the prayer time, we began to worship again. Mark, one of the members of our team, shared a word about walking together in this freedom, and not feeling alone (how the devil wants you to feel). We began to sing a song again, and began to stand side-by-side, putting our arms around each other. We ended up in a big circle, praising our God. As I stood there, linked with my team and the members of the church, I tried to take it all in. It was one of those moments that I never want to forget. Such a picture of the kingdom of God!

After the service ended, we hung out with some of the church members, including these kiddos above! I taught them how to "High Five". They are definitely future world changers!!

It was an awesome day- to God be the Glory!!

Much Love, Allie

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