TPT Seller Challenge: Makeover Madness!

Whew! It has been a WHILE since I posted...about a month and a half! (way too long!) Life has been crazy- first with my laptop breaking, then with the final weeks of the school year, and traveling back to the States for summer! I am hoping and working toward posting twice a week again...hopefully I can be a bit more consistent this time (and we don't have any more malfunctioning technology!). It has been quite an incredible year- and there's lots for me to share with you about! But, today I have a quick post on something I've been up to this week!

A group of teacher bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers sellers have come up with an awesome way to motivate us TPT sellers over the summer! It is called the TPT Seller Challenge! If you didn't know, I have a little online store over at TPT where I create and sell products for teachers! I have definitely been slacking in that area, and this challenge is a great way to get me back in the game! This first week, the challenge was Makeover Madness- we chose a product(s) that we've already made to make over- it could be just the cover picture or the whole product.

Well, I went into this challenge thinking that I just would makeover the cover of one of my most popular products, Pail of Pals. I ended up overhauling the whole product, and I think it turned out great! Here is the before and after of the covers of the product:

It is the same product, just made a whole lot better! This product is all about making the lives of teachers easier! Read more about it in my store! Here's the preview of it too!

I think everything turned out great- and much sleeker than before! This product is on SALE through tomorrow- 20% off! If you're thinking about some fun back to school activities to do, check out my Pail of Pals Back to School Activity!

Much Love, Allie

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