We're WILD about Kindergarten! (Classroom Reveal Part 2)

I'm back for part two of my kindergarten classroom reveal! [Click here to see part 1, if you missed it!] We have now finished the seventh week of school, and I'm feeling really good about my class, and what we're learning! This week we're studying magnets, and they got a kick out of how my earring was magnetic! LOL!

Today I am sharing about the back half of my classroom- where we have our whole-group lessons, story time, and morning meeting. I made the dry-erase sign above for my students to hold individually for first-day-of-school pictures. I also had lots of books about the first day of school/kindergarten out and ready to read!

We sit in a circle in this area (now on a rug), and I sit in the chair most of the time. It also becomes our Writer's Workshop sharing chair. The green board is also a faux bulletin board I created for Literacy. I now have two command hooks on the close side to keep anchor charts! I really love this area of my room.

Here's a closer view of the calendar area. It fits perfectly right under the window. The "Yesterday Was," "Today Is," and "Tomorrow Will Be" could use some revamping, but it works. I stuck a velcro dot on the wall under each title, and also on the back of each day of the week.

I keep extra calendar materials and attendance slips in the hanging organizer on the left. I've posted our school rule and standards up on the left too. I now have our school's monthly memory verse up on that wall, and my centers chart. Everything is always changing, but this was a good starting point!

This is my birthday area! I LOVE how it turned out. It is one of my favorite DIYs in my room. The letters (along with the others in my room), came from a pack at Lakeshore (I think it was Creative Teaching Press). They were a splurge, but totally worth it! I also got the cakes from Lakeshore. I used command hooks to hang up the blue shabby chic ribbon.

I wrote my students' names and birthdays on the cakes, and clothespinned them to the ribbon in order. I love how the cakes pop off the ribbon, yet tie in with the aqua blue!

Turning clockwise around the room, we have cushions (one for every student) that we use for reading and rest times, and my storage cabinet. I have two (dollar store) over the door hooks with binder rings on them to hold up my chart paper. The first day of school this was my anchor chart (I basically copied Kristen's from A Day in First Grade) showing how to be a good listener.

This is the opposite side of the room. We have two identical bookshelves. The nearest one is where I keep our reading books, as well as our workbooks for writing, reading, and math. We also have our Writer's Workshop journals on the first shelf. I love using the top shelf to display books for the week, and some sort of message to go along with our theme.

One of my DIYs I did is made little window embellishments for all four of my windows. I used kids "grass" skirts from the Dollar Tree, the green chevron ribbon, and fake greenery to create a fun, jungle-like decoration! I think they turned out really cute!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what my classroom looks like! As I mentioned before, it's ALWAYS changing, but that's a good thing!! It's my home-away-from-home here in Tanzania, and I love it! I'll be back next week sometime to share about our Egg Drop project, and more about how we explored force and motion!

Much Love, Allie

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