Your {Teacher} Trash, Our Treasure!!

'Tis the season for classroom cleaning, purging, and packing up before the summer holidays! Whether you have 5, 15, or 35 days left of school, I bet your teacher mind is spinning with all the to-do's of the end of the school year. I know mine is!!

Last summer, before I was heading back here to Tanzania to teach at Hope International School for my second year, I was chatting with some teacher friends on Blab about what I'm doing, and that sort of thing. They came up with an INCREDIBLE idea, that I would love to run past you!! I'm calling it...

I know that teachers purge A LOT of stuff each year, for many reasons- to downsize, because they won't be in the classroom anymore, to switch classroom themes or grades, etc. But, I know that sometimes you get rid of awesome stuff that can still be used!!

As a teacher in Tanzania, East Africa, any resources we have in our classrooms (besides notebooks, glue, scissors, chalk, etc.) comes from America. There are no teacher stores, there's no Target, and you can't even get a good pack of crayons or markers here. The school will be starting it's fifth year next school year, and I am so grateful for the classroom resources that we do have, from past trips across the pond! That being said, I would love to gain some more tools to make my students' education the best it can be!

I teach students from all around the globe - Korea, Germany, India, America, Kenya, Tanzania (of course), and more! I love what I do, and definitely know it's my calling! The mission of Hope School is to bring hands-on learning to Tanzania, and educate the whole person- mind, body, and spirit. I am a volunteer teacher here, and know that Tanzania, and Hope School, is my mission field right now!

So, here is my question for you: would you consider partnering with me as I return to Tanzania? Here are two ways people can partner with me to bring classroom supplies to East Africa: 

1. Donate Classroom Supplies
I would love to use anything you think is still in good condition that you would otherwise be getting rid of, or that you would be willing to give to my school and classroom in Tanzania. Here is a list I came up with for some suggestions and things we would LOVE to have!

If you have anything else you would be willing to donate, that is great too! This list is not comprehensive. Please be mindful of what you are sending, however. Please nothing that really should be thrown in the trash!! Also, if you know other teachers who are getting rid of resources that you think we can use, please spread the news to them too! The more the merrier!

If you would like to contribute supplies, please email me at, or comment on this post with your email! I will send you the address where you can send your supplies!

2. Contribute money to pay for extra suitcases!
I will be able to bring two 50 lb. suitcases with me for free, but anything more than that will cost some pretty serious money!! I not only want to bring over school supplies, but also need to pack items like toiletries, clothes, house items, etc. to use in the ten months that I will be here. I'm so excited to be able to have lots of resources and supplies to bring for my students to use, but I also need the extra cash, as each extra suitcase costs $200
So, if you aren't a teacher, or don't have any school or classroom supplies to donate, would you consider donating money to go towards an extra suitcase? Every little bit helps! You can give online by clicking the "Donate Now" button below! Before you do, please follow the picture instructions to make sure your contribution gets to the right place!

If you reached the bottom of this post, thank you SO much for sticking with me! I want to THANK YOU for reading, and considering to partner with me in Tanzania!! If you have any questions about this post, feel free to comment below! Also, if you do decide to donate supplies or money, please comment or send an email! I would love to thank you personally!!

Much Love, Allie

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