Allie The Gypsy Teacher's Birthday Bash!!!

I love birthdays!! I think everyone should be celebrated- and LOVE celebrating birthdays!! I got this from my mom- she always makes everyone feel so special on our birthdays!! Growing up, we would be greeted in the morning with a Birthday Breakfast, complete with decorations, presents, and more! Not only this, but usually we would have some elaborate birthday party with our friends and/or family!

It's my birthday month (WOOHOO!) and I want to celebrate with you! Each Sunday I'll be coming to you with a new birthday bash! Each bash will be related to a past birthday party I had, that I get to celebrate now with you!! Make sure you stay tuned for lots of gifts all month long!!

This week, I'm featuring my swimming birthday party! We didn't mind that it was cold and drizzly, we were excited to go swimmin'! (Just look at those cuties ;) I also LOVE scavenger hunts, so you get to do one today!! I have placed 4 images around my blog with a secret code on them! Each image has one code. Complete the scavenger hunt, return to this post, and type the code into the Rafflecopter!

EVERYONE IS A WINNER!! Once you submit the secret code, I will email you! You get to choose a resource from my TpT store and I will send it to you for FREE! Also, one teacher will win the GRAND PRIZE: a Back-to-School Teacher Survival Kit!

Ready, set, go!! Here's the first clue! Search the blog to find the right post!

All finished? Enter the four-word secret code in the Rafflecopter! Thanks for playing!

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