A Merry and Bright Classroom: Kids Holiday Party Tips

As we're wrapping up the holiday season in our classrooms, you may be preparing for a holiday party! Or, if you're a parent, maybe you plan to have some of your kids' friends over for a party at home. No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, I have some tips and tricks for your to make your kids holiday parties the #bestpartyever!

Tip #1: Include STEM activities!
Problem-solving activities keep our kids engaged and can take some time to do! One of my favorite activities that works well for all ages of kids is cup stacking! It may sound too good to be true, but this easy activity is something the kids LOVE. If you use these green cups, the kids can try to make Christmas trees! With my 4th graders, I made it a competition to see who could stack all their cups fastest without having them fall over. 

I also love these blocks that you can find at Target. They build fine motor skills and the possibilities are ENDLESS! If you can't find them, these brain flakes work really well too. You can challenge kids to make certain things, like Santa's sleigh, a menorah, a snowman, etc. Then, they can vote on which creation they like best!

Tip 2: Play games that get their energy out! 
Freeze Dance is one of my FAVORITE games, and it's so easy!! All you need is holiday music! When you play the song, the kids dance. When you stop it, they need to stop. If they don't freeze, they're out! This is what Freeze Dance looks like at our school in Tanzania! 
Click the picture above for my favorite Christmas music. Or, if you're a Spotify lover like me, here's one of my favorite Christmas playlists!

Another fun game is called Face the Cookie. I'm sure you've seen this one, as it's a popular Minute to Win It game. It is HILARIOUS and so much fun! Everyone starts with a cookie on their forehead, and they have to work it down and get it into their mouth without using their hands!

Tip 3: Finish with a Fun Game for All!
I love ending with a game where everyone wins. Last year, I wrapped up a whole bunch of small gifts in one big Saran Wrap ball. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my fourth graders playing our game, but it was a blast! I would play music, and they passed the ball. When the music stopped, the person holding the ball would unwrap the plastic until they got one gift out of it. Then the music would start again and they would keep passing it! Here's more details if you need them:

Another twist on this game that would be super fun and easy, if it's last-minute, is using these "It's a Surprise Toy" kits from Target!

You can find them in Bullseye's Playground for $3 for three. Each wrapped gift contains a stretchy holiday toy. Get enough so that each student has one wrapped toy. 

When you play the music, have students pass the gifts around the circle. When it stops, they start opening the gift they currently have. Play the music again to have the gifts be passed again. Keep going until the gifts are unwrapped. Whatever gift the students end up with is the one they keep!

Here is another holiday party idea I LOVE:
Jenna May @fromsept2mrsmay has this awesome Party in a Bag idea! Give each student a white paper bag and her FREE note, and have them bring back the completed bag for the party!! More info on her IG (click on the pic!).

No matter what you decide to do for your holiday parties, I know they will be great and your kids will love them!! The most important thing is to have fun and keep it simple!

Have you downloaded your holiday writing freebie yet? Click here for yesterday's post on how to get it!

You've got this teachers!! Winter Break will be here soon!! Much love to you!
Also, just so you know, any Amazon Links in this post are affiliate links! I'm happy to help you get what you need for your holiday parties!

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