Tried and tested by me, these are some of my favorite things! Check back each Wednesday to see what I've added to the list. Do we have any favorites in common?!

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I bought this backpack to travel to Tanzania with, and it's become one of my favorites! My favorite features are:

  • The zip side pockets to expand and hold my big water bottle
  • All of the pockets
  • It's super lightweight and comfortable to wear!

 The Soft-Brushed Long Line Open Front Sweater from Old Navy has become a STAPLE. It's so warm and cozy, and it's a great layer for when you're teaching. This color is so fun with all of the different confetti on black. It's PERFECT for the frigid Nebraska winters!

My skin gets SO dry in the winter, and I love this natural, yummy-scented lotion! It's the Everyone Coconut Lemon Lotion! It smells like a fresher pina colada and it helps moisturize my skin. SO GOOD.

This is super random, but I LOVE Scrub Daddy sponges! They are perfect for stuck-on food, grease, and just daily scrubbing. They're not harsh, but they work SO well! I always have on at my sink!

This paper cutter is the bomb dot com. I love the wire that tells you EXACTLY where it will cut. It's been a lifesaver and is easy to bring to and from school if needed. It gives you plenty of guides and makes cutting super easy!! It's a teacher necessity for me!

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