Happy New Years Eve!

I know, I know, I'm wayyyyy late to the party. But I thought I'd celebrate the last day in this awesome year by sharing...

12. Favorite movie:
I just saw it yesterday, and it absolutely is my favorite of the year!! All I can say is INCREDIBLE. You must see it!

11. Favorite TV series:
Sorry, I couldn't choose just one!

10. Favorite Restaurant:
I love me some sushi! YUM.

9. Favorite new thing you tried:
The Color Run 5k! It was my first "race" and 5k, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Definitely doing it again in 2013!

8. Favorite gift:
I got my first pair of toms for my birthday, and LOVE them!

7. Favorite thing you pinned:
Source: flickr.com via Allie on Pinterest

I could probably pick out 50 favorites, so narrowing it down to 1 was wayy too hard!!
6. Favorite blog post:
i really enjoy my post entitled "organize, organize organize!"
Click the pic to check it out!

5. Best accomplishment:
I have lots of accomplishments, but losing 30 pounds is probably best! I still have LOTS to lose, but that first 30 really jumpstarted the journey!

4. Favorite picture:
Loved my third graders from this summer :)
and this is the favorite picture that I took (on Instagram)
3. Favorite memory:
Spending a couple weeks with my brother and parents in New England this summer.
2. Goal for 2013:
Well, that post is coming, but for now, one of my major goals for this blog is planning out my blogging better!

1. One Little Word:
STRETCH - my word for 2013

See you next year!
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Winners and Christmas!

Hey guys! Sorry for the complete and utter shutdown of my communication since last saturday, including my last "Countdown to Christmas" posts. I woke up Saturday with a nasty virus, causing me to have flu-like symptoms for 2 days. Not fun at all! And then it was CHRISTMAS! YAY! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families! Mine was nice and relaxing :) some of my favorite gifts were:
A new iPhone case
A Peter Pan collar necklace
3 gorgeous scarves
2 coats-  purple peacoat and classic trench
A package to Ashley Lynns tanning
So today's post isn't going to be super fab, but I do need to announce winners for all of my giveaways last week!
Vera won Day 8's Starbucks Card!
Sarah Carper won Day 7's techie grab bag!
Rachel and Teacher Kirra both got my favorite of my TPT products right- the Jet-Lagged words packet for day 6! So they both get to pick out a product of mine for free!
Sara won Day 5's gift card! She gets $10 to spend at Taget!
If you're a winner, an email is coming your way today or tomorrow!
Okay, now go check out my guest post on Sarah's blog! Here's a sneak peak:
(click the picture to go there)
The up-cycled project is PERFECT to do with kids!
I promise I'll be back for a real post soon!
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Countdown to Christmas: 5 DAYS!!

Oh goodness gracious- last shopping weekend before Christmas, 5 more days! Work is going to be insanity tomorrow- EEK! It was the same today- and I've been so busy making an order for Dipstix, working and babysitting, and then tonight I'm in the process of making my RAK cookies for my co-workers for our crazy day tomorrow! 
So today's post is a quickie!
After the gifts, the baking, the entertaining, the family, the late nights and early mornings, you're gonna need some "me" time. I'm giving away a $10 gift card of choice to you! Just leave a comment telling me where you want it, and where I can follow you on this Follow Friday! You have until Christmas day!
Make sure you check out my other giveaways! 
6 DAYS!!
7 DAYS!!
8 DAYS!!
9 DAYS!!
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Countdown to Christmas: 6 DAYS!!

Man, this countdown is exciting and scaring me! only six days until the big day! Last night/today did ensure one thing though, my Christmas will be WHITE!! Last night, the first big snowstorm blew through Omaha, and their saying we got about six to eight inches of snow! I love snow- except for when it ruins my plans :( but oh well! I get to stay tucked in my cozy house this morning and write to you!!

I am SO blessed. One thing that I have been unexpectedly blessed by this year has been a little network called Teachers Pay Teachers. For those of you who are not teachers, or have yet to discover this gem, TPT is basically a website where teachers can sell the lesson plans, activities, classroom forms, etc. to other teachers! And the best part is, you know you are supporting teachers like yourself by purchasing things from them. I have created my own little shop on TPT, and I have about 20 items in it. Some are freebies like:
Graphic KWL chart
Whole Brain Teaching rules in Chevron
Wrist Reminders
And I also have several paid products:

Jet lagged Words

Class Journal Jar
Cuppycake Compounds- grades 3-4 and 5-6 are coming soon!!
I also have lots of other fun products at my store for you to check out;
 - TeachersPayTeachers.com

and this post is just in time for the "Welcome Winter" SALE lots of sellers are hosting this weekend! All of my products will be 20% off! So head over today, and put them on your wishlist, so you can be ready to get them 20% off tomorrow! 

Also, I will give one lucky winner a choice of their free product from my store if you leave me a comment telling me which of my products you think is my favorite!!
You have until Christmas day to leave me a comment for the giveaway! And the sale will run Friday through Sunday.
Happy Shopping!!
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9 DAYS!!
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Countdown to Christmas: 7 DAYS!!

My Wednesday usual is linking up with Michelle and others for
so I decided to stick with it this week, and incorporate it into...
You know you love to pin, and I love to pin, so lets pin together! Here are some of my most favorite pins of recent:
Source: google.com via Allie on Pinterest

I would love to follow you on Pinterest, and would love for you to follow me! The rafflecopter below gives you tons of fun ways to enter to win some techie tools like touch-screen friendly gloves, an iPhone stand, etc. to help with your Pinning obsession!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to enter my other giveaways!
8 DAYS!!
9 DAYS!!
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Countdown to Christmas: 8 DAYS!!

Twas eight days before Christmas, and all through the town.
Lots of people were scurrying, all around.
The gifts were being bought, and wrapped up so pretty.
And cards being written, with jokes so witty.
The children were getting restless, all ready for break,
while teachers trying their best not to freak.
Most were shopping, and spending, and charging,
while others were working, and cooking, and crafting.
And with all this madness, no one could sleep!
Counting on Starbucks, instead of sheep.
I know many of you are like me, juggling work with preparing for christmas! So I thought you may need a little pick-me-up! Up for grabs today is a $5 starbucks card!

Just leave a comment below with your favorite go-to Starbucks drink around Christmas and your email address! You have until Saturday, December 22!
Remember to enter yesterday's giveaway too! Countdown to Christmas: 9 DAYS!!
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Countdown to Christmas: 9 DAYS!!

We're in the single digits, my friends!! With all the craziness going on, I have a fun little week planned out for you while I'm working and getting Christmas ready! So, without further ado,
Today is all about baking traditions. What are some of the goodies you bake EVERY holiday season? What are those recipes you know by heart because you've made them over and over and over again? I thought, "let's have a virtual cookie swap!!" Link up one of your favorite baked goods recipes today (it could be something you've posted about in the past, or something you write today), so we can share some traditions and recipes from around the world!
Here is my recipe to share:

Now for the twist! Link up with me, and you'll be entered in my giveaway to win a basket of baking ingredients to help with your holiday baking!! You only have until Friday, Dec. 21, so link up and share the button on your page!!

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Observations, RAK, and FREEBIE

Happy Friday! I'm excited for it as much as the next guy this week- but will be so much MORE excited when today is OVER. I have a nine hour work day at BBW today, and the CEOs are coming! There's a group of our company's highest in command from the headquarters coming to observe our district today. I'm excited to meet them, but not excited for the stress it'll bring on the staff- esp. the managers! 
Anyways, I thought I'd finally get around to linking up with two linkies happening in teacher bloggy land at the moment.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it to snow! I'm loving the mild winter we're having, but I'm ready for it to feel like Christmas!
I'm loving Farley's random question this month- RAK (Random Act of Kindness). Mine will be baking a yummy treat for all the BBW employees- just for fun and to make their day :)

Okie Dokie! Now for the promised freebie. I whipped this little guy up from a Pin-spiration, and just love it! It is a graphic KWL chart. I made a boy version and a girl version! Click on the pictures to download it from TPT. **AND I'D LOOOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!!**

I'm linking this freebie up to
Freebie Fridays

Have a great weekend!!
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