Panama on the mind

I cannot believe my missions trip to Panama is only about 50 days away! I'm getting so excited for the journey. What does not excite me is the fundraising. 18 days. $1500. It doesn't make sense to me, but it does to God. I'm excited to see what he will do in and through me in these next couple weeks leading up to this deadline. I feel like this season's is "Trust," so it may be a roller coaster of a 3 week time span! I thought I'd share some photos I found of where this money will take me.
I'm excited for all of the bright colors and villages!

Some natives of Panama in their  village- I can't WAIT!

Panama City, where the YWAM base we'll be working with is located
Look at these gorgeous people and their fun garb!
The jungles of Panama- where we will be doing some of our ministry

I hope  you're getting excited with me! Please consider supporting me on my adventure and mission in Panama! Any monetary amount will help!

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