APRIL Showers?????

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S APRIL!!! Time is flying by, and I need a breather! On second thought, maybe my super power should have been to control time... Anyways, I'm new to this whole world of teaching blogs, linky parties, and fun giveaways, but I thought I might as well start now! I don't have my own classroom yet, but I love the upper grades and am student teaching in a fifth grade classroom. So I thought I would link up with Farley at
As you can see, currently, I'm so into SMASH the new ABC show that airs Monday nights! So great! I'm catching up on my missed episodes :).
I also just redesigned my blog to make it more...me, and less cookie-cutter! Hope you like it!
I'm going to Panama (see previous posts) this summer for four weeks on a missions trip with my university, and our financial deadline is in ONE WEEK! AHH!! I still have a good chunk of change to raise, and anything helps! So if you would like to support my mission, please go here! Thanks a bunch!
So, my super power may sound very ordinary, but I think about it this way. I could fly anywhere in the world right now...and have it cost me nothing but time and sleep! I wouldn't have to own a car or pay for gas. Think about the AWESOME field trips I could take my kids on! AND, wouldnt you just love to escape away for a day or two at a beach in Hawaii and relax? You'd only be moments away from family and friends who live across the country. Yep. That's definitely my top superpower! ...Anddd, maybe to control time :).
Happy Monday!
Love, Allie

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  1. thanks for linking up and I love all things chippy so I love your blog design :)


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