5 DAYS!!

There are 5 DAYS left of school for me and my kiddos!! I can't believe that I'll be moving out of the dorms permanently (hallelujah!), leaving Tulsa and ORU, and heading back to the good ole cornfields of Nebraska in just about a week and a half!!
Anyways, this post is VERY random, so stay with me!!
(1) I found this GREAT resource if you happen to be teaching on the Summer Olympics (whether you're still in school or you will be teaching summer school). You can actually go to THIS website and watch the LIVE Olympic Torch Relay that is happening! I showed it to my students today and they were SOOO interested! Such a fun, authentic way to bring home a social studies unit for the summer! They were intrigued on how it worked, we we able to actually see the torchbearers relaying the fire, and they were asking great questions, and relating it to what is in their schema! Some of their remarks:
"Is it like a parade?"
"Why do they have cars following them?"
"So they go all over the place?"
And my personal favorite: "Why are they called torchbearers? There aren't any bears there!" 
Even if you aren't teaching on the Olympics, it would be a fun learning opportunity! While you're at the website, check out the other videos and fun things!
(2) Things I Love Thursdays: (linking up with Maria Dismondy for  )  This week I am LOVING my Kindle Fire!!
I love it because I LOVE to read all the time when I can find the time! This allows me to buy a book for cheap right at home or on the go, and have it at my disposal in seconds! I've been reading "The Giver" this week, and even though it's for young adults, I still had to reread it! I also had an epiphany that some Teacher Resources will be available through it! No more lugging those heavy books around! I checked it out, and I know that Teaching with Love and Logic will be my next Kindle purchase! And, a great thing about this tablet is, though it's definitely not the iPad, it's cheaper and still a great purchase!

(3) WOWZERS! Lots and lots of linky parties and giveaways happening right now in the blogosphere! Here are a couple giveaways you just HAVE to enter!

Jackie at 3rd Grade's a Charm is hosting a giveaway just for fun! She is giving away 2 gift cards, one to Donors  Choose and one to TPT!! 

Sweet Seconds
Brittany at Sweet Seconds is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers! I hope to be in those rankings one day! She is also giving away gift cards! 

Thanks for sticking with me! hope you'll take part in some of the fun! If summer is here for you, hope you're enjoying it! If it's coming, we can do it!!!! Tomorrow is Field Day, so I'll have some fun pics to share this weekend!! :D

Picture Books Linky

I think one of my new found favorite things about blogging is linky parties! They are always so much fun to blog about! This time, I'm liking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! First of all, LOVE her blog! AND her blog name! AND that she loves chevron!! Hahaha!
Anyways, I'm probably missing several that I will stumble upon over the coming weeks, but here's my list of all-time favorite read alouds:
A CLASSIC!! I still love the story,
especially since it is in Paris!
Just a plain fun book!
Another classic- I remember my 5th
grade teacher reading this to us!
Had to include a little poetry! So many fun
concrete poems!
I uncovered this fun book a couple years
ago! Love it!
I will start crying when I read this book,
 but it had to be included in the mix!
I LOVE this book! Another 5th grade memory
I've realized I really like historical fiction :)
Umm, come on, probably one
of my favorite all-time elementary
Maybe a little old for elementary
,but I LOVE this book too!
Lois Lowry is AWESOME!
Such a precious book :)
So now go link up for yourself!

Love, Allie


Field Trip!! and...

AHH!!! This week has been INSANELY busy! But I'm loving it so much! I can't believe we only have 2 weeks of school left! Anyways, we had two big things happen this week in our class/school. The first is the third grade field trip and the second is some Young Authors fun! I also want to share some yummy news!

On Thursday the whole third grade (57 kids) got to go on a field trip! We went to a camp called Camp Loughridge in Tulsa. It's a Christian camp that is so cool! They have ropes courses (you can see one in the pic below on the right), a couple of lakes, lots of fun outdoor activities, etc. It is actually the place where ORU missions (who I went on missions to Africa with last year) does there training! So going there with my kiddos brought back some MARVELOUS memories!! :D 
Our school was actually able to get our trip there paid for, as well as the buses. It was such a great time for our kids to get out of their neighborhood. The picture below shows a couple memorable places at the camp.

When we arrived, we went into the outdoor gym (above) and our director shared with the kids a bit (below) before we got going.
Then, we split into groups and were off! We spent the day in class groups doing 3 activities. Our first one was a nature hike! I found some beautiful flowers:
Indian Paintbrush
Our second activity was the majority's favorite: a mini ropes course!! I don't know if you have ever participated in a ropes course before, but it is SO fun, though completely nerve-racking! Most of the kids did so good! Some were scared :).
Getting harnessed up!! Yay for harness bruises! :)
Some of our students conquering their fears!
It definitely brought back memories for me! I spent a whole day doing that kinda stuff! I would STILL be at least a little scared to get up there! 

After lunch we made rockets!! We wrapped paper around PVC pipes, taped it, added a paper nose cone, three paper tails, and then got to blast them into the sky! This mechanism you see in the collage below was ingenious! It is just a couple of pieces of wood hinged together with PVC pipes connected to empty 2 liters. To shoot the rockets, the rockets were placed on the PVC, and the kids got to stomp on the bottle! So fun!

Welp. I thought I had it in me to finish posting, but I'm WIPED. I just finished part of a paper I had to have in at midnight, and I am EXHAUSTED! Time for some Private Practice on Netflix and BED. Look for part 2 of this post in the near future!!
Thanks for the read! Go ahead and share with your bloggy friends! I love comments/more followers!!

Love, Allie


Hi All! First of all, this week has been WONDERFUL!! I spent some time finding lots of new bloggy friends to follow via

giveaway!! AND, in doing so, I have doubled my followers!! Granted, still not that many, but I'm grateful for YOU!

Next, this is my second week in my 3rd grade internship and I've loved every minute of it! We are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. It is such a fun book to read with third graders! Dahl uses crazy language and terms like whizzpopper, frobscottle, and human beans. The plot is that there are 10(?) giants in Giant Country who come out to the world during the "witching hour" and snatch people up right off the streets and out of buildings and eat them! There is one giant, The BFG, who doesn't like to eat humans. He snatches up a little girl Sophie and they become friends, and work together to figure out how to save the people from the giants. They do this using dreams. The BFG creates dreams for people, puts them through his trumpet, and blows them into their bedrooms at night. They visit the Queen of England, and do this to see if she could help save the people from the giants. One project we did was creating a dream jar, like what the BFG used to mix the dream. It was a super fun, easy project! 
We had the kids save a milk carton from breakfast or lunch one day, and rinse it out (KEY STEP! We don't want rotten milk in our classroom!). Then we had leftover white copy paper from another assignment,and the kids covered their cartons with the white paper. They decorated them to their heart's content, with markers, glitter, the works, and then wrote the different parts of their dream on Popsicle sticks to put inside their dream jars. Here are some pics of the kiddos with their jars:

Only 12 more days for us!! We are counting down with the letters of the alphabet: Monday is No homework day. Friday was Magic school bus day. Thursday was Lollipop day. It's a fun way to count down! How are you counting down to your last day of school? 

Also, on Friday, I received an update from my missions team in Panama!! Sounds like they already are making a difference where they're at! Check out the update HERE, and you can look to see what my other friends are up to on their trips!!

Last, but not least, I am SO EXCITED to be planning my student's last Social Studies/Science unit on The Summer Olympics! I have found some GREAT resources. And once I have everything compiled, I'll give it to you here as a FREEBIE!!!
Love, Allie

Summer Dreamin'

I'm excited to be linking up with the

I'm SO looking forward to summer! It's officially 4 weeks away! I have lots on my summer bucket list, and I thought I would share them with you!


1. Read The Hunger Games

My mom gave me the first book this spring as a gift, and I have not been able to get in on the fun! I have a hunch I will be reading all three of them this summer!!


Art Journaling

I've seen so many ideas for art journaling on Pinterest, and want to try it out myself!!

Crayon Art

I haven't got to try this project yet, and want to do an art project for my soon to be classroom with it :)

Week Calendar

This idea is so great! I want to make one for home or school
Song Lyrics Art

If you are on Pinterest, you've probably seen this pic float around quite a bit. I did, but never looked into how it was done. I was stalking A Beautiful Mess blog and stumbled upon this project!! She uses PAINT BY NUMBERS for the lettering! Check it out!


I am on the job hunt, and will be resume-ing, interviewing, and hopefully jobfinding this summer!!

The Color Run (or walk in my case)

OH. MY. GOSH. I am not usually so excited about running/walking a 5k. But watch this video and tell me you don't want to? This is called the Color Run and it is coming to lots of cities this summer, including mine! I got a bunch of friends together, and we're running as a team, The Lime Green Machine!! I love this 5k because it's all about COLOR! Go to thecolorrun.com and see if it's coming to your city!

Stay Tuned! More items to come! Now go ahead and link yourself up to this party!

Love, Allie

Smuerm Pnlas

You may recall in past posts I have talked about how I was going to Panama right around now, but unfortunately I've had some huge changes and have to learn some lessons that have less than desirable consequences. This has totally scrambled up my summer. I will not be going with my team to Panama, though I will be with them in spirit. If you want more information on these happenings, you may contact me personally.
But a new experience is on the horizon. I am interning for 5 weeks at Marshall Elementary in Tulsa, OK, with one week already under my belt!!
I am in a third grade classroom with a class and teacher whom I love already!! I'm excited to spend the end of the school year with them. I start teaching math this week, and am excited for next week, because I'll be creating and teaching a social studies/science unit on the Summer Olympics!! This is not exactly the path I thought I would be going down this summer, but even through the pain of not being able to do missions in Panama, I know God has a plan, and His ways are better than mine. I am grateful I had the experience of going through ORU Missions last summer to Togo, and the experience of helping my team this year get to Panama, as well as building friendships that will last a lifetime. Missions is my heart, and this is just one bump in the road, not an insurmountable barrier.
So, over the next 4 weeks I will be posting experiences from my internship as well as updates on my team in Panama!! I know this is going to be an EPIC summer, and a much needed transition from college to the real world!!

source: tumblr
Love, Allie

Things I Love Thursdays ~ iced coffee

This is my first linky party with Maria Dismondy, and today I'm going to tell you something I LOVE link up with her . Today that thing is Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee!! I love coffee, especially iced coffee in the summertime, but I don't have time in my mornings to make coffee, let it cool, and then get my iced coffee ready before I run out the door. That's why I love Starbucks VIA!! You can buy them at any grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc. and all you do is fill your handy-dandy to go cup (mine is pink :) with cold water, open one of the packets of coffee, dump it in and stir! Then add ice and some creamer, and you're ready to go! Seriously, super simple, and still delicious!!
Try it out this summer for yourself! Drink up!
Love, Allie

Currently in May!

Hi All!! This weekend has been CRAZY!!! For one, I am officially a graduate and an alumnus of Oral Roberts University!! :D These past four years FLEW by!! It's scary and exciting and bittersweet ending this chapter and starting a new one, but it's totally worth it!! I have a few weeks of summer school to finish up and then I'm homeward bound to start the job hunt!! Anywho, I am linking up again with Farley at  with her "Currently" linky party!! Join in the fun!

Love, Allie