5 DAYS!!

There are 5 DAYS left of school for me and my kiddos!! I can't believe that I'll be moving out of the dorms permanently (hallelujah!), leaving Tulsa and ORU, and heading back to the good ole cornfields of Nebraska in just about a week and a half!!
Anyways, this post is VERY random, so stay with me!!
(1) I found this GREAT resource if you happen to be teaching on the Summer Olympics (whether you're still in school or you will be teaching summer school). You can actually go to THIS website and watch the LIVE Olympic Torch Relay that is happening! I showed it to my students today and they were SOOO interested! Such a fun, authentic way to bring home a social studies unit for the summer! They were intrigued on how it worked, we we able to actually see the torchbearers relaying the fire, and they were asking great questions, and relating it to what is in their schema! Some of their remarks:
"Is it like a parade?"
"Why do they have cars following them?"
"So they go all over the place?"
And my personal favorite: "Why are they called torchbearers? There aren't any bears there!" 
Even if you aren't teaching on the Olympics, it would be a fun learning opportunity! While you're at the website, check out the other videos and fun things!
(2) Things I Love Thursdays: (linking up with Maria Dismondy for  )  This week I am LOVING my Kindle Fire!!
I love it because I LOVE to read all the time when I can find the time! This allows me to buy a book for cheap right at home or on the go, and have it at my disposal in seconds! I've been reading "The Giver" this week, and even though it's for young adults, I still had to reread it! I also had an epiphany that some Teacher Resources will be available through it! No more lugging those heavy books around! I checked it out, and I know that Teaching with Love and Logic will be my next Kindle purchase! And, a great thing about this tablet is, though it's definitely not the iPad, it's cheaper and still a great purchase!

(3) WOWZERS! Lots and lots of linky parties and giveaways happening right now in the blogosphere! Here are a couple giveaways you just HAVE to enter!

Jackie at 3rd Grade's a Charm is hosting a giveaway just for fun! She is giving away 2 gift cards, one to Donors  Choose and one to TPT!! 

Sweet Seconds
Brittany at Sweet Seconds is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers! I hope to be in those rankings one day! She is also giving away gift cards! 

Thanks for sticking with me! hope you'll take part in some of the fun! If summer is here for you, hope you're enjoying it! If it's coming, we can do it!!!! Tomorrow is Field Day, so I'll have some fun pics to share this weekend!! :D


  1. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway, and congrats on finishing up your student teaching! I'm stopping by this morning to give you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to see all of the details in my latest post!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway and following my blog! And thanks for making me feel a tiny bit "experienced" with the comment about you being the best thing to come out of the 80s! That gave me a good laugh!!

    Owl Things First


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