Hi All! First of all, this week has been WONDERFUL!! I spent some time finding lots of new bloggy friends to follow via

giveaway!! AND, in doing so, I have doubled my followers!! Granted, still not that many, but I'm grateful for YOU!

Next, this is my second week in my 3rd grade internship and I've loved every minute of it! We are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. It is such a fun book to read with third graders! Dahl uses crazy language and terms like whizzpopper, frobscottle, and human beans. The plot is that there are 10(?) giants in Giant Country who come out to the world during the "witching hour" and snatch people up right off the streets and out of buildings and eat them! There is one giant, The BFG, who doesn't like to eat humans. He snatches up a little girl Sophie and they become friends, and work together to figure out how to save the people from the giants. They do this using dreams. The BFG creates dreams for people, puts them through his trumpet, and blows them into their bedrooms at night. They visit the Queen of England, and do this to see if she could help save the people from the giants. One project we did was creating a dream jar, like what the BFG used to mix the dream. It was a super fun, easy project! 
We had the kids save a milk carton from breakfast or lunch one day, and rinse it out (KEY STEP! We don't want rotten milk in our classroom!). Then we had leftover white copy paper from another assignment,and the kids covered their cartons with the white paper. They decorated them to their heart's content, with markers, glitter, the works, and then wrote the different parts of their dream on Popsicle sticks to put inside their dream jars. Here are some pics of the kiddos with their jars:

Only 12 more days for us!! We are counting down with the letters of the alphabet: Monday is No homework day. Friday was Magic school bus day. Thursday was Lollipop day. It's a fun way to count down! How are you counting down to your last day of school? 

Also, on Friday, I received an update from my missions team in Panama!! Sounds like they already are making a difference where they're at! Check out the update HERE, and you can look to see what my other friends are up to on their trips!!

Last, but not least, I am SO EXCITED to be planning my student's last Social Studies/Science unit on The Summer Olympics! I have found some GREAT resources. And once I have everything compiled, I'll give it to you here as a FREEBIE!!!
Love, Allie

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