Field Trip!! and...

AHH!!! This week has been INSANELY busy! But I'm loving it so much! I can't believe we only have 2 weeks of school left! Anyways, we had two big things happen this week in our class/school. The first is the third grade field trip and the second is some Young Authors fun! I also want to share some yummy news!

On Thursday the whole third grade (57 kids) got to go on a field trip! We went to a camp called Camp Loughridge in Tulsa. It's a Christian camp that is so cool! They have ropes courses (you can see one in the pic below on the right), a couple of lakes, lots of fun outdoor activities, etc. It is actually the place where ORU missions (who I went on missions to Africa with last year) does there training! So going there with my kiddos brought back some MARVELOUS memories!! :D 
Our school was actually able to get our trip there paid for, as well as the buses. It was such a great time for our kids to get out of their neighborhood. The picture below shows a couple memorable places at the camp.

When we arrived, we went into the outdoor gym (above) and our director shared with the kids a bit (below) before we got going.
Then, we split into groups and were off! We spent the day in class groups doing 3 activities. Our first one was a nature hike! I found some beautiful flowers:
Indian Paintbrush
Our second activity was the majority's favorite: a mini ropes course!! I don't know if you have ever participated in a ropes course before, but it is SO fun, though completely nerve-racking! Most of the kids did so good! Some were scared :).
Getting harnessed up!! Yay for harness bruises! :)
Some of our students conquering their fears!
It definitely brought back memories for me! I spent a whole day doing that kinda stuff! I would STILL be at least a little scared to get up there! 

After lunch we made rockets!! We wrapped paper around PVC pipes, taped it, added a paper nose cone, three paper tails, and then got to blast them into the sky! This mechanism you see in the collage below was ingenious! It is just a couple of pieces of wood hinged together with PVC pipes connected to empty 2 liters. To shoot the rockets, the rockets were placed on the PVC, and the kids got to stomp on the bottle! So fun!

Welp. I thought I had it in me to finish posting, but I'm WIPED. I just finished part of a paper I had to have in at midnight, and I am EXHAUSTED! Time for some Private Practice on Netflix and BED. Look for part 2 of this post in the near future!!
Thanks for the read! Go ahead and share with your bloggy friends! I love comments/more followers!!

Love, Allie

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