JOB! Giveaway! and The Healthy Truth pt. 2!

Woo hoo! I got a job! No, it's not a teaching job, nor do I get many hours to start, but it's something! Can you guess where it is?
Clue 1: I have to be SCENTsible!
Clue 2: My hands will never be dry again!
Clue 3: This store is located in many malls, and it is definitely a chain!
Clue 4: It's girly, fun, and totally a Blast!
Do you know where yet?

Yay! I'm super excited! I love all their yummy scents! 

In other news, I can finally announce my big giveaway coming up!

I'm super duper excited for this giveaway! It begins next Tuesday and will be live for a whoppin 12 days! Not only will there be a GRAND PRIZE WINNER, but I'll be having mini-giveaways throughout the weeks!  This giveaway will be taking place when I'm on vacation, so I'm excited to see how it goes! 

Speaking of vacation, I'm way stoked, because I'm headed up to Maine! Do I have any buddies from Maine out there? I've never been past NYC before on the east coast, so this will be a super fun family vacay! But dont worry, I've got some great stuff planned for when I'm gone, so make sure to stay tuned!

Also, if you have any great book selections you have read or are reading this summer, I'd love some ideas! My kindle will be my bff as I get some new reads to bring with me on vacay!

Alrighty! Now it's time for week 2 of:
This week is going to be short and sweet! First, I really hope you all are joining me on this journey! They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so start today! 
I have a fun techie tip today! I have an iPhone, and I know a bunch of you do too, and there are 2 apps that you gotta have! These probably are on Android phones as well, so check them out in your app store!
My Fitness Pal has become a favorite of mine. It's a free app that is a great find for anyone wanting accountability or tracking of their weight loss. You sign up for free, and can figure out a goal for yourself, as well as decide on the calories you will consume in a day. Then, every day, you can log your eating and exercise in the diary, and stay accountable! Also, you can track your progress, in weight and/or measurements.
Another great thing about this app is it's social! You can look up friends' usernames, and keep each other on track! My username is allieelliott. If you have or are getting this app, let me know what you're username is, and we can help each other!

This second app is called Nike+ Running. This free app is great for those of you who like to run/walk. But that's all of us, sometimes though! Whether you're on vacation and can't get to a gym, stuck at home with sick kiddos, or even just don't have the time to spend, a run/walk around the neighborhood provides great exercise! This app tracks your runs in time, distance, mph, calories, and more! You can tell it where you're running, and if you want your run to be determined by time, distance, calories, etc. The fun part of this app is if you connect it to your facebook, it'll post your run, and when someone likes it on fb, you'll hear cheers/applause!

Now it's your turn to link up! Your post could be about anything having to do remotely with healthy living!

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Merry Christmas {In July}!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Ha!
It feels like Christmas with all these awesome giveaways happening! Check my giveaways page above for the deets and links to some awesome ones!
I'm pinning some fabulous Christmas pins on behalf of Christmas in July!

Santa Hat Brownies!
I love all of the different lanterns!
Christmas lights in a jar to use as a lamp/decoration!
Winter Bucket List!
I love this wreath! girly/christmasy/natural!
wrap 25 christmas books to read one each day leading up to Christmas! Totally doing this in my classroom!

What have you been pinning lately? 

Also, I didn't post yesterday, but I was honored to be featured by Dana at Fun in First Grade for

Click on the logo to go learn more about me! Speaking about learning about each other, I've seen so many bloggers linking up to the "tell me more" party, and I think that instead of including mine in a post, I'm going to update my "about me" page soon, and link it up! So check back later this week for an update there!

For today's post, I also wanted to give you a techy tip, to provide some content for you to use! Have you used Prezi before?
Prezi is a website where you can create presentations on a digital canvas, to display info, to use during teaching/presenting, or to make learning come to life for your students! Here is one that i made on the phases of the moon! Explore mine, and create your own by clicking on the link above!

There are tons of ways to use this in your classroom- you could teach with one of these that you have made or have found on the site. You could have your students research using your prezi. They could make their own prezis and present to the class. you could make a prezi for them to explore during a center. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! If you have questions, comment below and I'll answer them to the best of my ability!
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Organize Organize Organize!!

I love organizing! i have a pinterest board just for that! And especially for the classroom. I've seen this floating around:

I feel like this is so true! So today for my Monday Made It I have a cute organizational tool just for you!
Here's my inspiration for this week's Made It!
I've been wanting to make a weekly dry-erase calendar like this for a really long time! Unfortunately, this pin didn't have any source, so if you're the owner, let me know and I'll give you credit! Here's my tutorial!

This was a super fun project! You could also skip the 2nd step by buying a premade collage. I got my materials at Target, and hunted around at different places for collage frames. But two 4 packs of 4x6 frames at target were $5.99 each, versus $24.99 for the collage frame with 8 frames. So making my own only cost half as much! It may not be worth it though. The hot glue gave me a lot of heart ache! But you'll have to decide that for yourself! I do love my arrangement though! 
Now all you have to do is hang it up, and use it to write on special events going on at school, or even for your home!

I'm also working on a synonym wall! It should be done for my giveaway next week! Here's a sneak peek!

I'm also linking up again with
Have you heard of The Frugal Girls? Their blog is AWESOME! They share tons of great coupons and freebies! You can subscribe to their daily email called Living Well with Less $$$! I do, and though I don't read it every day, sometimes I find some great deals! You can also look on their website! Definitely something to check out, like their Vistaprint $3 deal for 140 return address labels- which could also be used for teacher labels, or classroom library labels! Go to their page to find the full deal!  

Look for my 100 follower giveaway next week! there's still time to sign up to guest blog and/or add something to my giveaway! Comment or email me at 
How do you stay organized?

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SALEbration and Giveaways!

Hi friends! I'm headed off to church in a bit, but I wanted to stop by and make you aware of a couple things.
1. I'm having a SALEbration over at my Etsy shop! Use the coupon code SUMMERCELEBRATION to get 15% off my products! Click the picture below to go there and start shopping!

2. Have you noticed my different pages above? Remember, you can fill out the form on Be my Guest! to guest blog for me during my vacation! But the one I want to point you towards today is This Week's Giveaways! Instead of using my precious blog space to inform you of giveaways, I am putting them all on one page! Now you can go and see some of the giveaways of the week, what is being won, the date it ends, and a link to the giveaway! Check back often, because there are always lots of them going on!

That's all I have today! Remember to email me if you'd like to contribute to my 100 follower giveaway!
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Link Up, Buttercup!

Ahhh summer! The time when we get to relax, plan, create, spend quality time with the people we love, and HAVE LINKY PARTIES!!! Oh my gosh! There are so many going on right now, I just have to link up to a few! 
But before I do so, I want to remind you that if you would like to contribute to my giveaway coming soon, email me at or leave me a comment! It's going to be a great giveaway, and I already have a couple friends involved! I'd be happy to give away ANYTHING- it doesn't have to just be a teacher item!
Secondly, I'm looking for some guest bloggers! I'm going on vacay during the first week and a half of August, and want some awesome peeps to come share! If you would like to guest blog, please fill out the form on my Be My Guest! page above.
Alrighty! Now for the linkies!
Remember! I'm having my own linky about healthy living! It's my first one, so link up!

Miss Nelson is having a fonts party:

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera
If you've never heard of, please head over to her blog and get enlightened! If you use Google Chrome for your web browser, you can get an app for it put on the browser!

The next partay is an AWESOME resource!
The Teacher Wife
The teacher wife is hosting this linky! I'm super excited to sit down one day, and read all the posts, and make a huge list for my classroom library! Instead of trying to think up my own list, I thought I'd share an AWESOME resource! This should definitely be bookmarked on your computers!
Storyline Online is a website you can visit where you can play videos of celebrities reading your favorite picture books! Your kiddos may not recognize all of them, but it gives them more reading enrichment with a different source! Show this on your Smartboard on a day when you're too tired or too sick to read, or when there is a sub in your class! Remember BOOKMARK. You'll thank me later!

The next party I'm linking up to is 
Blog Title
So fun! 
1. Reality TV
I know, it's bad! But I just love it! I can't wait to see who Bachelorette Emily chooses TOMORROW! I really really really hope it's Jef! Aerie's great, but their connection is pretty much just physical. With Jef it's so much more! {Sidenote: can i just say that I respect her so much for not spending the night during the fantasy suite dates with the guys? That's how every woman should do it! WAIT TIL YOU'RE MARRIED!! ok I'm done!}
2. Tea
I know, it's not that guilty! But I love tea! Hot tea is my fave- with the works! Cream, sugar,...delish! I love iced tea too. Besides water, it's my drink of choice!
3. Thrifting!
I LOVE going to thrift stores, garage and estate sales, and finding gems that no one else would find cool. It seriously is the thrill of the hunt! I have an old camera collection, and I love finding things for the home, and the classroom! EEK!
4. Pinterest!
I know, it's a common one among girls, but so true! I love pinercising, a word determined by DeAnne at 

It's a combo of Pinning and exercising! I do it best with my iPhone on the stationary bike at the gym!

The last party is actually a blog hop:
So, here goes!
1.  what state you are in
I'm in the lovely state of Nebraska
    2.  your current teaching position
I'm currently finishing up my degree- so no job yet! But I'm hoping to substitute this year. I really want to teach 3rd and 4th grade!
    3.  your teaching experience
I've had student teaching/practicums in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade,  but I've worked with all ages in some way or another!
    4.  when you started blogging
March 2012
    5.  share a blogging tip / blogging resource
There are so many! Seriously, if you are a new blogger, go see what everyone has to say! For me, a huge one is to join big linky parties! A lot of people read posts from those, and you'll gain more followers that way! Two of my top faves are:
Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade has a monthly
Currently party! This is July's template.

post something you've made for your classroom
or for your home! Hello Pinterest! This is a weekly
party that starts on, you know, Monday!

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The Healthy Truth

Hello wonderful peeps! So today my post is going to be a little bit different than normal. I love talking about crafts, teachery things, and life, but today I'm starting a series called:

As teachers, it seems like we are always taking care of others- whether it's our students, our fellow teachers, family, etc. The one thing we tend to neglect is ourselves! I'm on a mission to healthful living this summer, and I hope you'll join me! We need to be healthy, so we can be there for our students! I mean, our symbol's an apple for crying out loud! So this series, The Healthy Truth, will be a once-a-week post on Fridays to do exactly what it says above: to encourage you, share experience with you, and live healthful lives together! We ALL should be working on living healthier. It's not something you can fully achieve, it's a lifelong project!

Today, I wanted to start at square 1. How do we start or continue to "live healthy?" Well, there's a couple of things I will introduce, that will be part of my weekly posts.
This is a huge part of living healthy. You could do every part right, but if you're not eating right, it's all going to waste. I'm NOT saying, don't eat. That also is not healthy. Your body NEEDS nourishment! But we need to be putting the right things in. Here's how you should think in terms of food groups:
1. vegetables
2. protein
3. fruit
4. dairy
5. grains
I don't want to get on my soapbox, that is not what I'm here to do! Here's what I'll leave you with as far as eating goes. Think about what goes into your mouth! Don't just grab a bag of chips and eat the whole thing because you're hungry. Ask yourself, how should I eat? I'll talk more about that later, but here's food for thought;
I know, I don't always like it. It's hot, sweaty, and no fun at all. But it produces results! Here's my suggestion. Take some money out of your personal classroom/crafting budget, and put it towards a gym membership. You will be glad you did! My battle is getting into that gym. Once I'm there, it's silly not to work out! Also, everyone's in the same boat! You'll see people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, all working on living healthy! I go to 24 hour fitness, and I love it because, guess what? IT'S OPEN 24 HOURS! And, they have gyms worldwide! We're all in this together! Don't single yourself out!
Inspiration of the week:
So, what are you waiting for?

Also, I decided to turn this into a linky party, so we can share with each other! Use the code below to paste into your post, and link up!

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